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Bound in a Suitcase

by Gromet

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Storycodes: MM/f; trunk; discovery; trick; tease; force; strip; bond; gag; encase; object; transport; storage; stuck; denial; climax; cons; X

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Part Two

Two weeks later and we returned to Jeff’s place, he was packing up the house, his wife was divorcing him, and he needed to sell the property to split the funds between them, Blake being the type of guy he was, readily volunteered to help, and when he told me that he would be helping Jeff over the weekend I also decided to help as well. I dressed in some casual shorts and a baggy top, I had expected to be moving stuff around and maybe be doing some cleaning, so I dressed myself appropriately. As we drove over, to me it sometimes felt strange to be actually sitting in the passenger seat, and I did look longingly at the car trunk as we walked past, recalling the many times I had been left inside there. 

Once over at Jeff’s house we busily got to work, the guys were taking stuff out to the vehicle that Jeff had hired and the heavy furniture was loaded by them, most of this was either going into storage or taken to his ex-wife’s new apartment by a removal company later on, it seemed that they had mutually agreed on who got what. I did ask if his wife would be joining us, especially to help clean up before the place was sold, but Jeff said that she’d moved interstate and that she wouldn’t be joining them, plus he’d hired a specialist cleaning firm to come in after the house was empty to do all of the cleaning. Which was a relief to me, on the one part there would be less I was expected to do and the other I wouldn’t have to see his wife, especially after what we had done together the previous time I was here.

While the guys were away in the van, I continued packing stuff away in boxes, wrapping them in paper and carefully making sure that the boys couldn’t break them when moving, watching them earlier it seemed that they were rough with handling the furniture and other items, as it sent a small wave of pleasure through me with memories of them treating me roughly like that. But I was here to help, not indulge myself, I thought, best get on with what I needed to do and take my mind off of my sexual desires.

Whilst they were away, I had found a small old trunk and I curious to who it belongs to, and then my mind drifted to wondering if I could fit inside, the trunk was slightly larger than my old suitcase, so I figured that I would have no trouble fitting inside. I opened the lid and looked in, there were one or two items inside, mostly old curtains and bedsheets, it seemed to be just used for storage, and the thought of that sent a shiver through my body, my nipples standing out and it was all I could do not to try and climb inside and settle myself down in the confines of the trunk.

The guys were in and out with more loads, more furniture and more boxes were carted out and placed in the van, and it wasn’t until lunchtime that I got to rest and speak with the two of them. I had dragged the trunk from where I had found it and into the main lounge room where we were packing things. I asked Jeff who owned the trunk, pointing to it. 

“Well it did belong to my grandmother, so that belongs to me I guess, I had forgotten about that,” Jeff said. My husband Blake remained quiet, eating his lunch.

“Yes, it looks very old,” I answered coyly, a small plan forming in my mind.

“Why, did you want it?” Jeff asked.

“No, it belongs in your family,” I replied, though I had thought about it.

“Oh, okay, sure,” Jeff said.

The room went very quiet after that, I got up and left to go to the bathroom, and the boys began talking with each other whilst eating their lunch, and me safely out of the room. It seems that they had the same idea as I did when I saw the trunk. For when I came back into the room, I found the trunk now open, and my eyes immediately are drawn to it; it now seemed to be empty, the previous items now a pile laying next to it.

“See, I told you she couldn’t resist it,” Blake said to Jeff, they had watched my reaction to the open trunk with amused eyes.

“Guess you were right,” Jeff said in reply, “I owe you $10”.

In the meantime, I seem to have been forgotten by them, their game of me finding the open trunk left in place for me to find amusing them with my reaction. I again felt like an object to them both, which others may find annoying, or even disgusting, but to me this floated my boat, so to speak, I found that I enjoyed the way they treated me.

Looking back at me, Jeff broke the spell when he spoke, “Do you want to try it?”

“Me,” I gulped memories of the last weekend flooding back.

“Well yes, of course, you,” Jeff said, laughing, “I don’t think Blake here wants to end up in the trunk.”

“No, dear,” Blake spoke, “there’s only one person here that enjoys that.”

“I couldn’t; we have so much work to do, the cleaning…” I started to say.

“The cleaning will be done by someone else, no need for you to do that and you’ve worked hard packing things away this morning,” Jeff stated, “Maybe you need some time packed away too.”

“You sure…” I said, “I’m happy to help.”

“Yes, I’m sure, most of the stuff is packed away now, and we need just to continue taking it in the van to the storage locker,” Jeff replied.

“Maybe I could…” I quietly spoke, still unsure, but my desire to be inside now becoming an overwhelming urge. “Just for a little bit.”

“Climb in then,” Jeff said, but to me it felt like a command, my body responding and moving closer to the trunk.

“Just for a little while,” I repeated, my eyes transfixed on the open trunk.

“Sure, just for a little bit,” Jeff said, as he looked conspiratorially at my husband, they had cooked up something whilst I was out of the room and were now happy that I had fallen for their plan.

I stepped over, the inside of the trunk seemed to be calling out to me, I looked down inside and had thoughts of me being inside, the idea of it sending goosebumps through my body. My left foot was first inside the trunk, closely followed by the right, and I stood there looking from the trunk to the two men in the room, to me, they were no longer my husband and his friend, but evil kidnappers, taking this poor damsel away from her family for their nefarious ends. The look on the faces of the two of them as they watched me step inside was of two young boys in awe at seeing a beautiful woman entice them with her body, and their eyes transfixed on my movements.

Taking great joy in having a captive audience, I’m sure that their mouths would be salivating at the prospect of having me their subservient prisoner again, using me for their pleasure. I began to slowly fold myself down to fit inside the tight confines of the trunk, my movements graceful and tantalising for the two men watching me; this turned me on having them stare at me whilst I lay down in the trunk. Once I had folded my body down and now lay fully inside the trunk both men then walked over to look down at me as I lay there, my body curled up, but I found that I still had plenty of room to move.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Jeff said, his erection clearly showing.

“It never gets old, I love watching the way she twists and turns herself when getting into the suitcase, it’s very erotic,” my husband chimed in, knowing that he was also turned on by seeing his wife this way.

“Thank you,” was all I could think of to say, pleased to have this reaction from the two of them.

“Best get back to work,” my husband Blake said, knowing that if they started something now that the day would be over.

“Sure,” Jeff said, his eyes still transfixed on my body and the way it was displayed inside the trunk.

“Better close the lid as well, you’re just too distracting,” Blake said, smiling at me, “we’d never get any work done.”

Before I could say anything in reply, he closed the lid, and I heard the latches on the outside closing, the metal locking mechanism sealing me away inside now. The guys then started back to moving things from the house and out to the vehicle, a few more larger items were taken out, then it was back to the smaller boxes that I had helped to pack. I lay there inside the trunk listening to them both moving around and had fantasies of me being left here, the removal men would be collecting me to ship me far away, and my life would be of servitude to whoever now owned me.

Meanwhile the two of them had been talking, Jeff had an idea and wanted to share it with Blake, he had enjoyed the last weekend where they both used me as their bound plaything, and he wanted a repeat performance, though he wasn’t sure that his friend Blake would be too keen on sharing his wife again, they had both been drunk last time and now that they were both sober and the in the cold light of day, he hesitated before mentioning about me in the trunk. 

What Jeff didn’t know is that both my husband and I had come to a sort of mutual understanding after the weekend, whilst he was a reluctant participant at first, the shock of my request for them to ‘fuck me’ had initially stunned him and he had wondered who this woman was. But as I had told him that I always got incredibly turned on whilst inside the suitcase, even more now when I bound and gagged and although I was initially annoyed that he had disclosed my secret to Jeff, it had been one of my dreams and desires to be used by two men at the same time. So while it was an unexpected turn in our relationship, we had both enjoyed the weekend and while we had no plans to repeat it, I told him that I was okay with what had happened and I hoped that he had felt the same, after all he had started the whole thing by taking me there in the first place.

Every time the guys walked back into the lounge, they looked at the trunk laying there, and their desires for the contents inside were starting to get their minds thinking. And it was when Jeff began to speak about me in the trunk that my husband told him that he had some sort of idea that would please me, he knew that I enjoyed my time tightly confined and as he had rudely informed Jeff that I was as ‘randy as a polecat on heat’ when released. They both ran some ideas whilst carry out the stuff into the van, each idea getting more and more intense as they spoke to each other. Meanwhile I lay in the trunk unaware of their plans for me. It was only when the lid of the trunk opened that I found that they had a devious plan for me. 

“We best get this wrapped up and ready for transport,” Jeff spoke first.

“Yeah, don’t want to get it damaged in transit,” Blake replied.

I looked up at them both, they had large grins on their faces, and I knew at that moment that they had cooked up something for me, my tummy began doing backflips at the thought of what they might do to me.

Blake reached in and lifted me out of the trunk and then laid me on the floor, I was then held down as Jeff began to cut the clothing off of me, the two of them overpowering any objection on my part, I was their captive now it seemed and I could only go along for the ride. Now naked, I was rolled over face down, and I felt my arms pulled behind me, Jeff quickly started tying a rope around my wrists, making sure that whilst tight it was not too tight to cut off circulation. Now happy that my wrists were tied, they began to work on my ankles, I tried to kick, but my legs were held down by my husband whilst Jeff secured them with more rope. They then wadded up the clothing they had cut from me and shoved it in my mouth, and my nose was held closed until I was forced to allow them to gag me. Packing tape, so useful when storing thing in boxes, was now used to hold the cloth in place, and I found I couldn’t speak after they had finished.

I now found myself bound by their hands, gagged and also incredibly turned on by the events taking place, I was being treated roughly by both men, it was if they didn’t have any regard for my thoughts and feelings, and it was delicious and I hoped they would continue to treat me this way, whilst wondering what else they had planned for me. Both men were now happy that I was now naked, trussed up and gagged, they took great delight in looking at my struggles; they even high-fived each other for a job well done. But if I thought that they were done with me now I was mistaken, soon more ropes bound my knees, another rope harness was created around my breasts, the rope running over my shoulders and between my twin globes, then running around to create a tight, restrictive harness, something that Jeff was proud to have done to me. 

Jeff then grabbed another piece of rope, and my husband wondered where it would go on his wife’s already tightly bound body, her arms were done, as were her legs, he even had to admit some admiration of the breast harness that Jeff had done on me. I was loving the feel of the ropes and was lost in my own world when it was interrupted when Jeff began shoving rope between my bound thighs, his hand rubbing against my sex as she did, the rope was then wrapped around my waist and then run back through my thighs, again brushing against my sex, with Jeff taking advantage to feel up the bound female. He then pulled the rope tight, and it pulled in at my waist, but more interestingly it also pulled deep into the folds of my sex, the rough feel of the rope down there causing a wonderful ripple of pleasure throughout my body.

Happy that he’d secured the crotch rope he said to Blake, “There she’s all done, trussed up and ready for stuffing.” Jeff was hoping to do some of the stuffing of this bird later on.

Laying there as I began to explore my bondage, I could only look up at the two of them as they examined every inch of me, I was now their captive, I was just their plaything, an object and I again had another small shudder as the waves of pleasure washed over me, my wanton display of lust and desire clearly taking an effect of the guys, the bulges in their pants telling me. I thought that they would ravish me and use me for their pleasure at this point, I was bound and gagged and unable to stop them from taking advantage of me, but they had other plans for me it seemed, so I was only slightly disappointed when they picked me up and carried me over to the trunk and they placed me inside. Without another word spoken they closed the lid and I heard the latches being closed, I was now secured inside of the trunk again.

The two then lifted the trunk and carried it outside; I felt like I was just another object to be moved by them at this moment and shuddered again inside the trunk. They placed the trunk in the rear of the hire van and then returned to begin loading more items in the van, leaving their bound captive with the other stuff in the van. Several boxes were then placed around the trunk, and they even began placing them on top until eventually the van was full and ready to go off to the storage locker. At this moment you couldn’t see the trunk with the bound woman inside with the rear of the van open, it was now buried beneath the other boxes and stuff being moved, they even took some photos on their phones to show me later.

I lay there inside the trunk listening to them moving things around, then hearing items being placed on top of the trunk I was in, and then the sound began to deaden as they loaded more stuff in the van until it was full, they had placed me and the trunk in the middle so I would be buried with the other goods should anyone want to look inside. I was again lost in my fantasy world, here I was a bound female, being shipped off to some far-flung corner of the world, sold to the highest bidder to be their slave, never to return and be a free woman again, I would be doing their bidding for the rest of my life or until they re-sold me to some other person, who would then use me as well, or maybe end up in some sleazy brothel in some dark corner of the world. Not that I ever wanted this, this was just a fantasy after all.

My dreams and desires were interrupted when I felt the vehicle start to move, I was being taken with them to the storage locker, and I had thoughts of them leaving me there as just another item that had been used and now needed to be stored away. If my fingers were free at this point and not tied up behind my back, they would be bringing me to several satisfying climaxes by now, but the two had frustrated me in that by binding them behind. But now as I moved about inside the trunk I found a delightful feeling with the rope that Jeff had tied tightly between my thighs, I found that by moving a certain way that I could rub myself against the rough surface of the rope, this began to send the right signals to my brain and I began to find out a whole new use for rope that I didn’t know about.

Soon they pulled up at the storage place that Jeff had rented, there was already some loads inside, and there was still room for the last couple of loads that would finish the job. They began to unload the van and carried the boxes and other items into the storage locker, which was more like a garage in size, certainly big enough to park a car. They carefully stacked the boxes inside and carried on until they came to the trunk, but so as to not raise any suspicion as there were other people around in their own lockers, they unloaded the trunk like any other item to be stored, they carried it into the locker and placed it on the floor, “Let’s leave it there for now,” Jeff said, and they carried on unloading. 

As they were unloading the supervisor of the storage place came by and started to talk with them, they continued to unload the van as they spoke, either they were distracted, or they wanted to hide their hidden treasure in her trunk, but they began to stack boxes on top of my trunk and then more boxes around the outside. Now the trunk was covered and again hidden from prying eyes, the boys had now emptied the van, but the supervisor was still talking with them, so they closed the locker just as they normally would and then locked it with me still inside.

Seeing that the two had finished the supervisor bid them goodbye and walked over to a close-by locker and began chatting to the people there. They both looked at each other and wondered what they could do at this moment, it would look strange to get the trunk back out of the locker, and it would take some time to rearrange the boxes that they had stacked on top. They climbed into the van and began speaking.

“I don’t think we can get her back out at this point,” Jeff said.

“No, not with the supervisor hovering around,” Blake replied, “It would draw attention to what we were doing, and I don’t want to reveal the fact that my wife is bound, naked inside the trunk, it wouldn’t look good.”

“I agree, best to leave her there and get her back next load,” Jeff reasoned.

“I’m sure that she’ll be safe there,” my husband concerned for me said, “Plus she’s securely locked away.”

“Yes, no chance of someone stealing her and the trunk,” Jeff laughed.

“And she’s probably having the time of her life in there,” Blake continued, “She’ll be in seventh heaven when she realises we have left her there.”

Laughing at the thought, they started the van and headed back to the house to get the last load. 

Meanwhile, I had felt them carry me from the van and then into the locker, I heard them then began speaking with someone and wondered what was happening, I knew that they were letting me enjoy myself inside the trunk, and their way of teasing me was to move me as just another item to be stored in the locker. My husband knew that I would love this and probably told Jeff that, which is true, I did love the way I was being treated, I was no different to any other item in the back of the van, I was here to be placed in storage, in my mind I imagined that the contents were destined to be sold at auction and the trunk with me along with it. I didn’t know that they were sort of stuck with leaving me in the locker, the supervisor changing the plans they had for me, originally I was supposed to travel back with them to the house, there they would check on me and then maybe they would repack me, after they had possibly used me, in the trunk for the last trip back to the locker. Then they would bring me back to our house where I would be released, or maybe re-tied and kept as their plaything like last time, well that was Jeff’s plan.

Now that plan was foiled, I was left in the locker, I had heard them stack boxes on top of the trunk and thought that maybe I was going to be left like the other items here, my desires of being an object, used, played with and then discarded bringing another shuddering climax through my bound body, lucky I had the gag in place as I thought that I might have been heard when the pleasure overcame me. The sound of their conversation started to become more muffled inside of the trunk, and I realised that the trunk was being buried under the boxes to hide it from view, I wondered what they were doing to me and if they were going to leave me here intentionally all along, it now seemed that way to me being unaware of their plans. I was just their helpless bound captive, stored away in the trunk by two evil men who wanted nothing more to plunder my treasures. My mind drifted off again, but it was again interrupted when I heard the sound of the roller door of the locker being closed, so they were leaving me here, I knew that I would have to especially reward them both for doing so, though I doubt that I would need to worry about that as I’m sure that they would take that from me anyway, as thoughts of last weekend drifted into my mind.

The guys now drove the van back to Jeff’s house, but along the way the van broke down, it didn’t take too long for the hire company to send a replacement van, but in the meantime, the clock was ticking, unknown to us all. The guys hurried to get the last load into the van, they were both looking forward to what they had planned for me it seems, especially Jeff who wanted to repeat the weekend we had together, my husband unfortunately unaware of the plan, but eager himself to see his wife once again she was safely back and out of the trunk, though he suspected that they would again be taking turns at using me, knowing that being tied up in the trunk would be stirring my inner sexual monster. The rest of the stuff was now packed in the van, and they drove as fast as legally allowed to get back to the storage place. 

Unfortunately for them the place had closed for the night before they got there, it wasn’t a 24 hour one like others, and they found the gates closed and secured, and there seemed to be guard dogs roaming about inside. They had missed the closing time by at least an hour, they hadn’t realised the time, and now the place was closed, they looked at each other and wondered what they could do. They couldn’t climb the gate to me, the dogs and the CCTV cameras would spot them, then the police would probably arrest them.

“We could call the supervisor,” Jeff said, now stumped for ideas, but also disappointed that he couldn’t get to use the bound female tonight.

“And what, tell them my wife is bound up, naked inside a trunk and stored in one of their lockers,” Blake replied.

“No, I don’t think that would go down too well,” replied Jeff, “Not sure if I want to explain to the police how she ended up in there.”

“Plus think of Dana, she would be mortified if she was found out like that, the public gaze, it was bad enough that you found out,” Blake said.

“Hey, not my fault someone brought their wife bound in a suitcase to my house to watch the game, only to leave her outside,” Jeff responded.

“Yeah, okay, you’ve got me there,” Blake had to admit.

“So what do we do?” Jeff asked, “Call and get asked many awkward questions or…”

“We leave her there until morning,” Blake interrupted, “She’ll be fine, I think, and it’s not like she hasn’t been in there overnight before.”

“You mean you’ve left her overnight?” Jeff asked, amazed that he’d let this gorgeous woman be left that way.

“Yes, a couple of times now, the first time I simply forgot her and went to bed after too many beers,” Blake recalled, “In the morning she begged me not to untie her until I’d taken her, ermm… you know…”

“You mean, she allowed you to use her there?” Jeff inquired, now more interested in his friends' wife, his now ex-wife would never allow that.

“Yes, it’s sort of a special reward for doing nice things for her,” Blake replied, embarrassed at talking about his sex life.

In the end, they decided to leave her there, defeated that they couldn’t get to use their bound plaything tonight, frustrated they drove the van back to our home and would return the next day.

Meanwhile, I was still safely locked away in the locker, my trunk now just part of the other objects inside the locker, stored away until needed one day again, I wondered when that would be and was surprised that they had taken so long to return to fetch me, I was very horny and wanton by now and I was looking forward to being their sexual plaything for as long as they wanted me. I even wanted to try out some more of Jeff’s bondage, he seemed to be more handy with ropes than my husband, and tied me tighter than he did, which I loved, I was after all theirs to play with, so I should be treated as nothing more, this always got my motors running. Now I was wondering where they were, whilst hoping they were alright as well, and I did wonder what had happened for them to leave me here, I thought that maybe it was all part of their plan all along. But being bound and gagged, trussed up inside the trunk and left in storage there was little I could do about it, other than enjoy my time inside and bring myself to several satisfying orgasms, which I did.

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