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Bound in a Suitcase

by Gromet

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Storycodes: MMF/f; kidnap; force; strip; naked; bond; gag; hood; bagged; transport; captive; suspension; bdsm; spank; nipple; torment; submissive; oral; sex; anal; denial; climax; cons; X

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Part Three: The Barn

After the events of last week were the two of them had left me naked, bound and gagged inside a trunk and then stored away in a public storage facility, they had been forced to leave me there overnight as they had missed the closing time of the facility unintentionally, but to me, it was what they had planned for me all along, and I had enjoyed my night secured inside the trunk, and even more when they finally retrieved yours truly the next day from the locker. Once they safely got the trunk back home, they opened to find me still tightly trussed up, and with my arousal in spite of everything still high, I insisted that they take me for their pleasure and keeping me their bound plaything, using me however they wanted, my special reward for them both leaving me as a trussed-up package overnight. It was only after they had sated their and my own desires, that they told me the whole story of what had occurred. 

Both men were amazed when I told them that I had loved every minute of it, that I would love to do that again one day, but for now, I needed to clean up and ease my tired muscles in a warm relaxing bath, I left them both stunned and also delighted that I had taken their mistakes lightly and that they were not in trouble for their actions. The truth was that I had found that I was happy that I was left overnight, even though it wasn’t planned, it made me feel more like the submissive sexual object that fueled my fantasies and desires, I was just their sexual plaything to be used and then discarded until needed again, the thought of this sent my fingers exploring between my legs as I lay there in the warm bath, eventually bringing myself to another wonderful earth-shattering orgasm. Many ideas for other scenarios were forming in my horny mind, and I wondered if I could persuade the guys to act them out for me.

A couple of days later I was searching for ideas on the internet when I came across a set of images where the female was roughly bound and gagged by two men, her arms and legs secured in leather binders, hooded, they then wrapped her body with ropes and a leather body sack encasing her body inside, then additional straps and ropes bound her some more, before her totally trussed-up body was placed inside some form of casket, which was then lowered into a hole in the ground, a grate was then closed and secured with a padlock which finished off the whole scene. There were several other websites and images that I found that had images of tightly bound and packaged females, encased and sealed away, some to be shipped overseas while others were destined to be used by their masters for their sexual needs. Sitting at the computer my mind working overtime, as indeed was my fingers against my little sexual pleasure centre, bringing wonderful sensations throughout my whole frame, the orgasms running through my body.

I was so aroused after viewing the images, that I decided to surprise my husband when he returned home from work that day; he found me waiting on my knees by the front door to our home, naked and in a submissive pose that I had discovered online, ready to let him use me for his own pleasure, which he did. It was only after as we both recovered did he ask me what had brought on such erotic behaviour from me. I told him of my desires to be bound and encased, and also of the images that I had found on the internet. I then began to show him what I had been looking at that caused my arousal and lust for him, he was intrigued and began to view the story and the images on the screen with great delight. I knelt there next to him on the floor as he viewed each one, my body still naked and his spending still fresh in my mouth, the taste of it still savoured on my tongue, I felt at that moment utterly submissive to him, my naked body contrasting to him being fully clothed, my kneeling on the floor against his sitting in the chair, it was deliciously wicked, and I found that I loved being in this position.

Blake asked me if I was happy to try some of the things we’d seen on the websites, which he thought were a bit extreme and told me that he wouldn’t want me to come to any harm if we tried some of the scenes. I said that I was his to do with as he wished but that I had some fantasies that I wanted to explore, and then told him of the scenario I had running through my mind. I would like to be kidnapped and taken by two men to a remote location; there they would keep me bound and use me. Maybe even punish me whilst bound, then they would dispose of me after they had finished with me. We both then spoke and discussed some of the things that we could do and those that he thought that we couldn’t do, we both agreed that we would need the help of his friend Jake, who has played with my bound body before and we seem to be seeing more of in our games. It was decided that I would arrange a remote location for the scene to take place, I had a friend in real estate that would be able to help me, she had several farmhouses that she was trying to sell, so that would no problem to arrange the use of one for a weekend.

During the week I arranged to use a farmhouse and barn, which was located several miles from any town and would be suitable for our plans, my friend although intrigued by my planned use of the premises was happy to allow me to borrow the keys as long as no damage was done to the place. Now that was out of the way I found a local bondage store, they had several items that would be needed for the weekend events, so I left the store loaded with many new items that we would be playing with this weekend. Blake had already spoken with Jeff, and they had come up with a plan to enable my fantasy to come to fruition, but it was kept secret from me as it was going to be as realistic as possible, at my request, I wanted them to take me and use me as they wished, I also wanted them to be as rough as they could in taking me, the bindings to be tight and realistic, they were to keep me as their bound prisoner the whole time and then when they had finished with me, dispose of me in some way that they would with any other used thing that they no longer wished to use.

The original plan was for the scenario to start on Friday evening, but the two of them had concocted another plan, which I was unaware of, and it was a complete surprise to me when I returned home from work on Thursday evening that I was grabbed from behind when I entered our home, a hand quickly covering my mouth to silence me while other hands grabbed my arms and forced them behind me, I was then forced down on to the ground, the hands never leaving me as I dropped to the floor. Ropes were then tied around my wrists behind my back, the course rope tightly binding my hands together, more rope was then wrapped around my elbows bringing them closer to each other until they met, the tightness causing some degree of pain in my shoulders, not that I could complain as the hand was soon replaced with a ballgag, the ball forced into my mouth, and the straps tightly cutting into the soft flesh of my cheeks. I tried to resist, unsure that this was indeed my husband and his friend binding me, I hadn’t seen the faces of my abductors, and I was scared for a moment that this was real, although I also found that I was getting turned on by the unfolding events.

My ankles were next to be bound, the ropes again tightly binding my limbs together, the ropes tied off, making sure that I could not escape their grasp. Following on from this my skirt was forced up and more rope was soon binding my knees, I could not move my legs apart and relished in the tight-binding that was being applied to my body. A black cloth sack was then forced over my head and all light was extinguished leaving me in the dark confines of the material, the sack was tied off around my neck and there was no way for me to remove it. All of the time that my capture was taking place the two men never spoke a word, all you could hear in the room was the grunts that I was making as they very tightly bound my limbs, I was still unsure as to who my kidnappers were, though I suspected that it was the two men in my life at the moment, Blake and Jeff. I then felt hands all over my body, they reached around and grabbed the soft orbs of flesh that were my breasts, the hands roughly fondling and squeezing them causing me some pain, I grunted into the gag as the hands continued to abuse me and explore my body, they now had free rein to explore their bound captive.

Next, I was made to stand, still wobbly from being taken so roughly, hands held me tightly and I was lifted slightly, as my feet left the floor my shoes were discarded and I felt them being placed into a soft cloth-like material, this was soon brought up over my legs, and soon my whole body was encased inside what I assumed was a sack, it covered me from head to toe and was tied off above my head sealing me inside, now bound and totally enclosed within the confines of the sack, I was theirs for the taking. Once they were happy that I was tightly trussed and secure, they picked me up and thrown over someone's shoulder; I was then carted out to a vehicle parked outside, I hadn’t noticed this when I came home or chose not to, now I was brought out and I was dropped like a sack of potatoes into the trunk of the car, my fall only was broken by the floor of the trunk, winding me as I hit and I lay there slightly stunned and wondered what they had planned for me. A couple of other bags were dropped on top of me, it seemed to me that I was just baggage now, the trunk was slammed down and I was now trapped inside.

The vehicle soon started, and I felt the movement of the car as it pulled away, the journey was far longer than I thought it would be, after all, I knew where they should be taking me, but for some reason, it seemed to take much longer and I wondered again if I was really being kidnapped by someone else. The vehicle seemed to take many twists and turns and even stopped at one point for fuel, as I could hear the sounds of the petrol being placed into the tank from inside the trunk. The journey continued on and not long after the vehicle stopped again, I then heard the occupants leave the car, the doors slamming shut and footsteps moving away from the car. Now I was left alone in the trunk, bound inside a sack; the ropes had been biting into my skin, bound extra tightly it seemed to me, the gag causing me to drool out of the corner of my mouth. I wriggled about inside the sack to see what movement I had available to me, but I found that I was securely bound and would not be able to get myself free. I was loving the way I was being treated, this fulfilled my kidnap fantasy, and I felt the moisture building down below as I tried to get myself some pleasure from the situation I found myself in.

Soon I heard the footsteps returning, again no voices could be heard, and then the trunk was opened, hands reached in and grabbed hold of my bound and bagged body, I was then hoisted up onto the shoulder of my kidnapper and I was carried a short distance into a building, the sounds of the night becoming less as we entered. I was carried further into the house and then down some stairs, the room felt cooler than the rest of the house, and soon I was again dropped, this time my fall was broken by what I assumed to be a mattress judging by the soft springiness as I landed, again the wind was knocked out of me, slightly stunned from the fall I lay there trying to catch my breath and trying to ignore the pain in my shoulder from the fall I had just experienced. Now it seemed that I was in the kidnapper’s hideout, I was their bound captive and soon I would find out why they had abducted me, and what they had planned to do with me.

I was left still bound in the sack for a short time alone in the basement, and eventually the quiet was interrupted when I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs, but no words were spoken between my abductors, but they seemed to know what they wanted to do to me. I was again stood up and the sack was untied and dropped around my ankles, though the sack that covered my head remained in place so that I couldn’t see who my abductors were, and also the gag stopped me from communicating with them, I could only grunt at them as they played with my body again. Then after they had satisfied themselves tormenting me, my arms were held as the ropes binding my elbows was untied, this was followed by the rope binding my wrists, though any thought of being able to get myself free was quickly dispelled as my wrists were again bound with more rope, this time in front, the tight course rope binding them securely, I wondered why they were doing this but I soon found out as more rope was lashed around my wrists and my arms were pulled above my head, undoubtedly tied off to some beam above me as I’d seen in several bondage images.

Now bound and stretched slightly by the rope holding my arms, there was nothing I could do to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to me. I felt my clothes being cut and then ripped off of my body; my work outfit would no longer be able to be worn by me as it was now torn into several pieces and laying on the floor by my feet. Soon the last of my clothing was cut from my body, and I was now naked, my head the only part still covered, the chill of the basement causing goosebumps to form on my flesh, my nipples already erect from my arousal became larger with the cold air. My knees were then untied and this was followed by the ropes binding my ankles, but I was not free from the bight of the ropes for long, soon more rope lashed them and my feet were spread wide apart, the pull on the ropes holding my wrists became more painful as I could not support my body with my feet, and I wondered if they would ease some of the ropes for me to be more comfortable. But that wasn’t about to happen, I was their bound captive now and I was theirs for the taking.

Satisfied that I was now bound and unable to get free, the two abductors then started to run their hands over my naked body, pulling at my breasts, squeezing my nipples causing a sharp pain through my body, and also exploring my other more sensitive areas, their hands were rough, and they treated me like nothing more than their plaything, I was here for their pleasure and not my own, just the way that I had wanted it. Whilst one pair of hands continued to abuse my breasts, the other pair had now moved behind me and had begun spanking my rear, I grunted into my gag with each strike, the pain was initially a surprise and something that I wasn’t expecting, and as the spanking continued I began to feel a warmth emanating from my lower regions and spread through to my sex. The other pair of hands moved down from my breasts to explore the intimate folds of my sexual being, the little nub of pleasure reacting to the touch of the fingers as they both played with my body like a musical instrument. 

The fingers soon found their way inside of me, the moisture there enabling the easy unencumbered access for them to explore, the fingers reached in deeper to try to find my internal pleasure spot, the hands were rough and forceful and while I found it a turn on I doubted whether I would cum from their ministrations, especially with the continued onslaught on my rear, making so that I couldn’t concentrate on the fingers inside of me, each slap of my buttocks bringing back to reality. Soon though the fingers were removed and replaced with something else, I could feel his still clothed body press up against me as he entered into my moist hole, he pushed himself inside of me until he was as deep as he could go and then held himself there waiting. Waiting for what I hear you ask, the wait was for the person behind me to place their own erect member into my rear, suitably lubricated it eased itself in between my abused, reddened cheeks, pressing itself into the waiting entrance. Now I was impaled on two cocks, they held themselves inside me before they started to use my bound body, each moving the same time as the other building up momentum and lifting my body with each thrust.

This was like heaven to me, my abused body being taken roughly by two men who had kidnapped me and now held me captive, I was nothing more than their plaything, the exquisite thought of what was happening to me turning me on. They continued to push themselves into each hole as they continued to use me, I then felt them grow inside me and I knew that they would soon finish. I could only hang there from the ropes suspending me from the ceiling, the ropes holding my ankles far apart enabling them easy access to my sexual parts, my feet held off of the floor by the continued thrusting of the two of them, the ropes binding them keeping me from closing my legs in any way, the rope around my wrists biting in but I found the pain to be a turn on. All too soon it seemed to me, that my abductors were both cumming inside me, they had reached their peak and were now spraying their seed deep into my body, I was to be denied any climax of my own it seemed, and I loved the fact that this was the case, I was their captive to be used and abused by them, and my own considerations and desires were going to be ignored.

The two of them withdrew from my body, and they left me still bound hanging from the ceiling, the ropes binding me biting into my wrists, the gag seemed now to have become tighter and was causing pain at the corners of my mouth cutting into the soft flesh there, the bag over my head was very effective in cutting out any light. I hung there limp, my body recovering from the abuse it had just received, their fluids running down out of my body onto the floor below. I began listening to see if they were still there with me, but I could not hear them, maybe they had left me now that they had used me for their pleasure, it was silent in the basement, the only sound was my breathing. They had left me bound there whilst they recovered, each taking a seat to watch my naked body hanging there, the sweat glistening on my flesh, they watched as I tried to hear if they were still in the room, each indicating to the other to remain quiet.

The silence was broken when I heard and then felt the slap of something against my rear, already stinging from the previous hand spanking, now it seemed that they were using something harder against my tender flesh. One of the guys had picked up a leather paddle and began using it on me, whilst the other commenced to use a crop on my breasts, the pain was intense as they continued to abuse my bound body, my rear becoming even redder with the slaps from the paddle and my breasts now joining in with the same color scheme going from pink to red to match. They alternated their hits so I didn’t know what was coming next, the pain racking through my bound body with each strike. They didn’t continue this treatment for long, they were getting too turned on from abusing me and soon they were again using me for their sexual pleasure, but this time they had swapped places to take me both in the front and rear again at the same time. My abused rear and breasts were letting me know of their pain as each man used me, thrusting harder into me until they again both came inside me.

After another short break, they began to untie my ankles, then they released the rope holding my wrists above my head, my arms dropping down and I collapse into the arms of one of my kidnappers, I was weak from the treatment that I had received, and there was no way that I could put up a struggle against them, and still with the bag over my head I couldn’t see to get free anyway. I was dragged over and roughly dropped onto the mattress on the floor, the smell from it told me that it was old and musty, it was also slightly damp from being kept in the basement for some time, they told me later it was one they had found there and looked like it had been well used. I then felt my wrists being pulled above my head and the rope fastened to some point out of my reach, then more rope was fastened around my ankles, pulling them apart again and the ropes again holding me spread-eagle, there was nothing I could do to stop them, not that I wanted to.

Once they were satisfied that I was bound and would be unable to get myself free they left me, I heard their footsteps as they ascended the stairs, I was being left down here hooded, bound and gagged it appeared to me. The final sounds of the door closing sealing me inside the basement, no further sound could be heard, and I knew that deep inside that I was now alone, the sound of a light switch the final piece, and now I was left in the dark basement, alone and their captive for whatever amount of time they had decided to keep me here. I could feel the places where they had struck my body with the crop and paddle, the stinging pain telling me that my body had been thoroughly abused by them, I also had the same feeling for where they had used me for their pleasure, a throbbing from each abused hole letting me know that I had been thoroughly used and taken by the two of them.

I must have drifted off to sleep because I was roughly woken when I felt someone climb on top of me and quickly enter me, his erect member easily finding its way between the abused folds of my sex, pushing into me and then holding until he was sure that he could go no deeper, he then began thrusting in and out, taking his time to enjoy using me. I could only lay there as the ropes binding me held me down and available for him to use me. I didn’t know which one of them it was, the bag over my head making me unable to see my current abuser. I was only here for their pleasure and they would be taking it in turns in coming down and using me, each man making sure that I wouldn’t have my own climax, I was to be denied any finish, and they stopped each time that they thought I was close. Once he came into me, shooting his load deep inside of me, he left the basement, the light was again turned off and I was left alone. Not long after another set of footsteps came down, and again I was used by him also and then left.

This happened a couple of times, and each time I wondered who it was that was using me, I didn’t know as there were no words spoken, the only sound was their breathing as they were pounding into my waiting pussy, and it getting sore after all of the punishment it had received tonight. I also wondered if there were more than two of them, maybe they had brought other men here to use me. The thought bringing me close to orgasm several times, only to be denied my finish by the man using me as they realized that I was close to cumming. Not that I could stop them, nor wanted to, I was theirs to do with as they wish, and if that wish was to let others use me, then there was nothing I could do. My only instructions to my husband were that once bound, gagged and hooded that I would remain that way, I would be kept bound and used by them with no regard to my own desires, I wanted to be treated as nothing more than their captive. And that was what they were giving me, this was me living out one of my most desired fantasies, I would not, nor could not stop them now, they were to ignore any pleas for mercy or to stop.

Finally, I managed to drift off to sleep, still bound and naked, the dirty mattress holding my body off of the cold floor, the mouldy smell now becoming more pleasant or was I just getting used to it. They had left me alone the rest of the night; both men now were worn out by their using my body for their own pleasure, they both slept like babies upstairs in comfort on camp beds prepared in advance. I would again be subject to their desires when they awoke refreshed in the morning and wanting more sex from me. After a hearty breakfast, of which I got none, why bother feeding the captive when at the end of their fun, I would be discarded and disposed of, they soon joined me back in the basement. I was rudely awakened with a bucket of cold water thrown over me, the shock causing me to pull at the ropes binding me. The sound of laughter the first time that I had heard from them.

A rope was placed around my neck and tightened, then my ankles were untied, and I was able to close my sore legs for the first time, I then felt something cold placed around my ankles and realized that these were possibly the new leather cuffs I had purchased for this session. The same thing happened with my wrists; the leather was much more comfortable than the rough, coarse ropes that they had previously used to bind me. Not that I would feel too comfortable for long, I was forcibly pulled up off of the mattress and lead by the rope around my neck to another part of the basement. Hands grabbed me and forced me to bend forwards; then I felt the rough surface that I was to be fastened on to, the coldness of the bench that I was pressed up against causing more goosebumps all over my body. The cuffs on my wrists were attached somehow to the legs of the bench, and my ankles soon followed, I was now bound to the bench face down. Ropes were again used to bind my body, this time tightly to the bench holding me in place, and I could not move from this spot.

It again fell silent in the basement, and I wondered if they had left me on my own again, I didn’t have to wonder for long as the sting of the first slap as the paddle hit my abused rear, taking the time between each strike, I was unsure as to when the next would hit. All the while that this was happening hands reached for my bare breasts, pulling and slapping them, causing more pain, tormenting me. Then I felt something cold closing around my nipple and felt the sharp pain as each clamp was applied and closed tightly around both nipples. The spanking with the paddle continued unabated whilst this was happening, I felt pain from two parts of my body at the same time. Then the bag that covered my head was lifted slightly, the ballgag was removed but before I could cry out to stop them another gag was roughly forced in place, the ring wedged behind my teeth, the straps of the gag again pulled tight forcing the ring gag further into my now held open mouth. 

All too soon I found out the reason for the change of gag as an erect penis was unceremoniously forced into my waiting mouth, pushing its way deeper into my mouth, my tongue unable to stop the plundering of my oral cavity. The now hard member forced its way as far as it could, and I started to gag when it reached the back of my throat, I tried to relax as much as possible to allow the intruder access, but the constant barrage that was maintained on my rear with the paddle slapping me ensured that I couldn’t concentrate enough to allow this to happen. It was only when the spanking stopped and another erect penis was probing my rear hole that was able to relax my throat, the member there pushing past any resistance that I had left. I was now being used by both of them, and it felt like I was skewered between two phalluses on a spit roast, the thought was delightful to me and to my submissive side, this felt wonderful.

They again switched places and used me again for their pleasure, and again I was denied my own, as they came inside me they both laughed and then left me bound there on the bench, I felt used and abused, humiliated by my two kidnappers, they were taking great delight and pleasure in abusing my bound body. The day progressed and they came down to use me again, beating me with the crop and also the paddle, then using my available holes for their wicked desires. I was sore and tired by the time they had finished with me, but thoroughly satisfied that they had done to me what I had asked of them, my submissive side revelling in the fact that I had been used by them this way. I was then removed from the bench and again suspended, they then came back used me again and then left me hanging there for some time while they sat upstairs eating their dinner. It was only afterwards that they later re-tied me back down to the mattress and left me alone for the night.

The next morning I was awoken again by the cold water treatment, the shock as the chill fluid hit me causing me to gasp and pull against my restraints. I was untied and dragged to my feet, once again they moved me, this time they made me walk up the stairs and out of the basement, the crop hitting me if I stopped for too long. Upstairs the house felt warmer than the basement and I was lead into another room, I still could not see as the bag covered my head remained in place. My wrists were fastened above me and the rope pulled until my feet left the floor, the leather cuffs biting into my skin but better than when they used the coarse rope to suspend me, again my ankles were spread out and the ropes tied off so that my feet were held in the air. The rope around my neck was then tied off, and it tightened about my neck forcing me to hold my head up, my breathing slightly restricted by the rope tightening. The clamps were again cruelly applied to my sore nipples; then I felt them pulled down as weights were attached to each one, the pain getting stronger with each weight added, my poor abused nipples now pulled down by the attached weights, the pain racking through my body. 

Now bound and suspended they took photos of me tied the way I was, indeed they had taken photos and some videos of the way they had used me the entire time I was their bound captive. My new suspended position causing pain in all of my joints, I was truly just a sex slave to them, and I loved the fact that they were treating me this way, this was what I had wanted, with no consideration given to me, I was their plaything, a sex toy to use and abuse. Soon I felt the first sting of the paddle as it struck my rear, this caused more pain than before and the weights attached to my nipples began to swing like a pendulum causing them to stretch and send more sharp pains through my abused body. The crop soon joined in and the slaps from it landed in between my thighs, the soft inner flesh there now experiencing the exquisite pain that I so wanted, with the pain from my abused breasts and the continued onslaught on my rear, the first strikes of my sore and well-used sex sent me over the edge into a wonderful, long deserved climax, the likes of which I had never felt before.

The fact that I had cum whilst the guys were abusing me shocked them, and they both stopped what they were doing to me, my body was shaking from the intensity of my orgasm, they thought that I was injured in some way or maybe having some sort of fit, and it was only after they heard my screams for them to continue the onslaught that they finally caught on and restarted their ministrations on my body. Once I had slumped into my suspension bondage, they stopped what they were doing and helped me down, laying me on the floor as I recovered. The intensity of my orgasm overwhelmed me, I had blacked out from the force of it within my body, and only came too when they laid me down on the floor. Although if I thought that they would take it easier on me now, I was to be mistaken, I soon found myself bound onto a flat surface, a table they had brought in from the kitchen, my limbs were fastened to the four corners, and I stood there bent over with my rear available again for their continued abuse, torment and pleasure.

They took turns in using me, with both holes available for them to use they took their time in enjoying the pleasures of my body, again making sure to deny me any of my own. Later I was again suspended, but this time they both used me simultaneously with one in the rear and the other thrust deep into my sore and abused pussy. This would be my final fucking from them as we were near to finishing up the weekend of me being their sexual plaything, I was sore and felt pain in parts of my body that I had not felt before, but I was happy inside, my submissive desires had been thoroughly met. I felt more like their property now than a wife, girlfriend or even human female, they had managed to make me feel more of an object than I had ever experienced before, I was tired but delighted to have the things happen to me that had occurred this weekend, and I wondered what their plan was to end it. I had expressed my desires to both of them, but I wanted to leave it up to them to decide what happened next.

I needn’t have worried as they had both seen the images and stories that I had pointed out to my husband beforehand, they had formulated a plan for my disposal that they hoped would bring great delight to me. I awoke still bound where they had left me, the slap on my rear waking me up. I felt the two of them begin to untie me from the table I was bound to but leaving the cuffs in place as they would be using them. I was naked wearing only the cuffs on my limbs, the bag on my head kept me clueless as to the identity of my kidnappers and the location they had taken me to. A short rope was fastened between the cuffs on my ankles with another attached to my wrists, and this was then tied to the ankle rope. Now suitable for travel they made me walk, we headed outside for the first time since they had brought me here, the sun hitting my body with its warm rays, the feeling was pleasant after the abuse it had received.

They lead me with the leash rope around my neck across the dirt yard and into another building, this turned out to be the barn as the smell of old hay hit my senses, I knew where I was now. They both forced me inside, and then they roughly began to spread my legs, the rope only enabled me to move them so far apart, but enough for what they had planned for me. Suddenly the bag over my head was released and the daylight flooded into my eyes, causing me to wince and close my eyes from the brightness after being in the dark for so long. The ring gag was removed only to be quickly replaced by the ball gag again, this again forced roughly into my mouth, the straps pulled tight. I could now see the two men who had kidnapped me for the first time, but each now wore a hood so I couldn’t see their faces and both were dressed in identical overalls. 

What I didn’t realise was that they wanted to see my reactions to what they were going to do to me next, I would be able to see what they were doing to me, and they took great delight in making sure that whatever they would do to me next would cause me more pain. My wrists were now fastened behind my back, and a padlock ensured that I wouldn’t be getting free anytime soon. Ropes were then bound around my elbows as they were forced to meet behind my back, the rope tied off tightly making my abused breasts stand out more. A box was brought over, inside was what could be described as two large rubber phalluses, I know because I had bought them myself to be used on me. With little fanfare or warning, one was pushed into my waiting, exploited pussy, the moisture there enabling an easier passage than where the next one was destined for. I was roughly pushed down onto my knees, my face pressed into the dirt floor, with my rear now presented to the man behind me, he took great delight in forcing the rubber dildo into my rear opening, the pain as it entered me causing my eyes to tear up, even though I had been used by them both back there, the size of this phallus made me cry out behind my gag.

Rope was tied around my waist, the ends then run through from the rear and up against my sex, threading the rope through and reworking the rope again through pulling the rope extra tight against my sex, spreading my labia as the rope cut it, and keeping the two intruders in place, the rope then tied off to the rope around my waist and then to the rope binding my elbows together. I was then forced to lay face down as more ropes were tied around both above and below my knees, another padlock had also been applied to my ankle cuffs, and then more rope applied to keep them tightly fastened together, all the while my breasts had been pressed roughly into the floor of the barn causing more pain as they trussed up my body. I was then forcibly stood up, with both pairs of hands grabbing me from the floor, I stood there as their bound package and wondered what else they would do to me. 

One of them brought more rope as the other steadied my bound body, the rope was then placed over my neck, and the ends then worked around my body until it formed a rope harness that held me tighter than I could have ever imagined, I was now a bound solid column of female flesh, there was no way I could move let alone escape from their clutches, not that I would ever wish to, this was delicious to me being treated this way. Now a pair of nipple clamps were applied to my poor abused little nubs of flesh, tightening them until they were satisfied that they were not coming off, another rope ran around to hold them in place. Next, they brought over a leather hood, another one of my purchases, this was placed over my head and forced down until it reached my neck, the rear laces were then pulled tight making the hood stretch over my head, the tightness causing a degree of discomfort to me, but again it was a pain that I wanted to experience and knew this when I bought it from the store.

All the while I could make out the sound of a camera being used, the sound of it clicking made me realise that there was another person there with us, I knew that the two of them were binding and abusing me by the touch of their hands as they tied me up, but who could the other person be? What I didn’t know at the time was that my friend Beth from the real estate, had come over to see what we were doing at the farm and found me naked and bound, suspended from the ceiling and being used by the two men who had captured me. They had to quickly explain that this was what I had wanted to happen to me, and after seeing some of the other images and video they had taken of me in the basement they managed to persuade her that I was in no danger, and she knew my husband anyway, and she herself had found the who scene arousing so had joined in abusing me, taking great delight in applying the clamps.

Before the blindfold was attached to my hood I caught sight of who was using the camera, Beth stood that and smiled at me, my humiliation at her seeing me this way driving my own submissive desires to the fore, it was much more embarrassing with her seeing me this way than just the two men, to me this was even better than I could have imagined or wanted, and I also wondered just how long she had been here and if she had indeed been one of them that had used me for their sexual pleasure, the thrill of it sending minor ripples of pleasure through me. She walked over and then attached the blindfold to the outside of the hood, and my sight was again lost as the darkness enveloped me, my hearing was also blocked, and it was difficult to hear what then occurred. 

I felt my bound body laid down on a cold surface; this was then wrapped around me and closed, the lacing was then pulled as tight as possible and the body bag, another purchase of mine, was squeezed up to make sure that any movement that I may have had was now gone. The leather had been soaking overnight in cold water and when it dried it would become much tighter than it was now, Beth, my friend had pointed this out to the two guys beforehand and was happy that they had followed her instructions. Now bagged and hooded, with the ropes holding my body tight inside the bag, there was to be no escape for this poor damsel, her ransom it seems had not been paid and she was destined to be disposed of, that was the scene that played out in my mind. I had wanted this, this was the ultimate ending that I had wanted, and it seemed that they were not about to disappoint me. Several leather straps were then fastened around the outside of the bag; each tightened constricting any movement I may have had.

My bagged and bound body was then placed inside a large black polythene bag, the size of which easily engulfed my entire body in its confines, they had bought these bags especially for me. A mask was then placed over my face, the straps held it firm against the leather hood and secured in place with tape all around my encased head, the tape eventually covering the entire hood and making sure that the mask would not be misplaced. The first bag was then secured above my head; the tube from the mask was pulled out the top of the bag; this would enable me to breathe. The tape was then run around the outside of the bag until the entire bag was covered completely with the tape, now I was cocooned in plastic, bound and bagged, a thing to be used and discarded afterwards. Another plastic bag encased my body again; this time the tape was only applied in strips, holding me in places where the rope bound me underneath all of the layers. Looking at the images later, I looked just like a body ready to be disposed of, which was what they had planned.

Now satisfied with the whole process of binding me, the two kidnappers lifted up my bound and bagged body and carried me over to one corner of the barn, where it seemed that they had prepared my final resting place, a hole had been dug though I didn’t know how deep it was, though it felt a long way down when they dropped my body down into it, the wind knocked out of me as I hit the bottom of the burial pit. All too soon dirt started to fall onto my body; each load was dropped heavily on top of me, some aimed at parts of my body to ensure pain, my tormented breasts with the clamps fastened to them being one spot, which Beth claimed later was her doing that. But it didn’t take long for them to finish the task, I was no longer visible, and soon the dirt was back to ground level. 

Inside I was loving the way they had finished using me, this final disposal beyond my wildest expectation, I thought that maybe they would box me in some way, but this where I was just bagged and the buried took me over the edge again, and I had another intense climax with the feel of the dirt hitting me, the mixture of pain and pleasure bringing out the delightful, sweet orgasm, washing through my entire body, the waves continuing with each shovel of dirt hitting me and then finally drawing to a close when the last of the dirt buried my underground. I was no longer a captive, I was now disposed of, they had completed burying me and were just levelling off the dirt above me before moving several items found in the barn on top of the hole I was buried in. Once finished, you would never have been able to tell that I was bound and buried there.

The only sign was the breathing tube from the mask they had placed on me, hidden as it was behind the debris of the stuff found in the disused barn, they had completed doing what they wanted with me and left me there in the barn. Packing up the stuff we had brought for the weekend, and once the car was loaded, with one last check on my breathing they headed off in the car back to town, there the two men would watch the football games that they had missed this weekend, any concerns about me forgotten as they enjoyed the games on tv — both men congratulating each other for a great weekend and for coming up with their plans for me.

Meanwhile back in the hole, I felt the first stirrings of the rubber dildoes roughly inserted inside of me; they had left the remote behind for Beth to continue her abuse of my bound, bagged and buried body, and also to monitor my breathing which she did well, each time that I got near to an orgasm she managed to switch the damn things off, my breathing giving her the indication that I was close, she took great delight in leaving me frustrated beyond belief. She took great enjoyment and pleasure in tormenting me like this for the rest of the night.

The next morning Jeff drove out to release me, my husband had been called into work so left it to him to come to fetch me. I was dug up from my resting place, and then he and Beth carried my still bagged body out and into the rear of his pickup truck, the rear tray had several tie-down points and he took great delight in using them to bind my body securely in the rear tray, covering me up with a tarpaulin and hiding me from prying eyes for the trip back to his place. Bidding farewell to Beth and thanking her for her help this weekend, she couldn’t join Jeff for the trip home as she had a client coming to see the farm that day and would need to clear things away before they arrived. Jeff drove to his new home and there he carried me inside, once I was released from the various bags that held my body in their grasp but leaving me tied, he again used me for his pleasure until he was satisfied. 

Once fully unbound I knelt down at his feet, my submissive side taking over as I helped myself to his now flaccid penis, working it with my mouth to get it hard again and continued until he shot his load down the back of my throat. He then carried me to a waiting bath and gently laid me down in it, the warm water easing my pains and discomforts. I was a very happy bondage bunny as I laid back in the water, thirsty and hungry after the long weekend but delighted with the way the weekend had gone and wondered what I could get the guys to do to me next time. 

My life now changed it seemed, and I was now going to be submissive to both men, to serve both of them as their sexual plaything, shared between them, I wanted nothing more than to be their slave girl, available for their sexual needs and not my own, used by them both or one at a time. I was very happy with that thought and also wondered about what Beth would want from me in the future, my thoughts drifting off to pleasuring her as well and thanking her in some special way for the wonderful weekend.


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