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Denise In A Tight Spot

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; gag; pillory; public; display; costume; strip; punishment; latex; sleepsack; entombed; encased; buried; cons; XX

Continues from

Part Two

Working in an old castle definitely had some good points, the team that I work with is fun, well most times when they behave themselves, wandering hands sometimes find their mark if you catch my drift. But it can be a cold, damp, and chilly environment, especially having spent two weeks being part of the dungeon display, I was looking forward to having some much-needed time out from the dungeon, with the warmth of the late summer sun on my face. 

But the owners of the castle had received such good feedback about having a live actress inside the dungeon, the guests stating their enjoyment at having a real damsel in distress and seeing her go to her doom, that they decided to continue with it. And so, I was recruited, I would say reluctantly but I would be lying, the prospect of being bound and kept as part of another display had stirred some deep-down longing within me, I could not explain it other than to say that I get incredibly turned on when used like this.

As it was now October, the spooky season for which the castle laid on unique events to draw in the crowds, this year’s theme was to be a haunted house, with several special effects to scare the public and other things to enthrall, entice and excite them and I was going to be part of that. Watching the construction crew working quickly to make a mock-up haunted house in the grounds, well the guys were a pleasant distraction to my eyes, and from my position in the stocks I had no choice, but more on that later. I knew that I would soon be just another one of the displays inside, wondering what fun I could get up to. I was eventually taken inside to see my new work area, they were still working on it, and they needed to measure me to make sure that things would work smoothly.

My next appointment was with the costume people hired to make the stuff that the staff would be wearing, originally it was just going to be another two-week gig, but because of the high number of bookings the castle owners had extended it. Mainly because of Kate, one of the owners, who it seemed loved to see me in various restrained positions, whether in the stocks or chained to the walls of the dungeon, and she encouraged the other tour guides and staff to place me, dressed in my revealing damsel costume into whatever they could find to bind me and then just leave me there, punishing me for being naughty.

It had become a game among the staff in the castle when taking the guests around on the tour to grab hold of me and drag me to one of the stocks in the grounds, and then place me inside, my ankles, neck and wrists trapped by the wooden stocks. In fact, Kate had encouraged them and had not only altered my costume to be more revealing, so when bent over in the stocks my ‘assets’ were on display if were viewed at the right angle, but had even promised a bonus to the guides for the most original way that they could ‘entrap the maiden’ as the game was called between them.

My current role inside the grounds was to walk around, dressed in my costume to keep the guests happy, help out wherever I was needed, but to maintain my maiden persona, I was to play up being one of the serving girls, though I seem to be the only one dressed like this. I did not mind the attention that I got either and did play up when the more adult tours happened. And you could often hear my screams echoing off of the castle walls as the maiden had been ‘captured’ and then dragged across to the stocks, and roughly placed inside, much to the amusement of the guests.

Kate would then come over and either place a gag in my mouth, to keep me quiet as she said that I was disturbing the guests or release me once I had spent enough time ‘lazing about’ she laughed as she said this. And I then went about the castle doing my maiden act, until the next tour and tried to escape ‘my fate’ as I termed it. The guest loved seeing me grabbed and dragged screaming to the stocks, some even joined in helping the guides, recruited by them to bind the wench into the stocks, her punishment for whatever crimes that they had come up with at the moment. 

The haunted theme tour was due to start, the construction now completed, the costumes made and fitted, adjustments made but everything was ready for the big opening, so my time as the castle maiden would be placed on hold for the next few weeks. Of course, you can guess who came up with the idea for my latest display, Kate, the castle’s deviant owner, who loved to have me bound, gagged and on display, whether for her own amusement or to entertain the guests and of course get bigger crowds.

I suppose I had better let you in on the display I was involved in, I’ve enticed you for long enough. The room that I was displayed in had an Egyptian theme, which should give you some clue….

Once the guests had moved through the various other parts of the haunted display, scared by several of the tour guides and staff who had been recruited to act inside the presentations, hands reaching out in the darkness, and other scares, various blood curdling screams, some of which were my own, recorded earlier, after all I have had plenty of practise screaming. They would then come to my area, where there were actors hired to play Egyptian priests, with Kate dressed as the High Priestess in command.

Once they had taken in the spectacle that the room presented, it was made to resemble an Egyptian tomb, the stage laid out as the main area with caskets, both made from stone and wood, several artifacts displaying body parts in jars, and a couple of mummies aged to look like they had been there a while hung from iron cages, it all looked very dark and gloomy, the last place on earth for the victims of the High priestess, which she welcomed her latest victims.

The action was started by Kate going through her script, announcing that Princess Unaka, that’s me, had been caught doing very naughty stuff with several members of the King’s guard, corrupting their morals, well a girl has to have a hobby I guess, and so it as that I was then dragged out on stage by two of the priests. My costume at this point left truly little to the imagination, I had been caught in the act of enticing the guards, flaunting my body in the very revealing costume, much to the delight of the male members of the audience. 

The barely covering costume displayed my more girly features, holding my two breasts tightly together, enhancing the view and just covering them just enough to remain somewhat decent, the same with the pants covering my lower regions, with a gauzy material that while it covered some parts, did not impede anyone from seeing what was underneath. My make-up was messed up, like I had been caught while entertaining the guards, the lipstick smeared across my face, the eye make-up running down my cheeks, displaying my tears at being discovered.

Of course, I protested as they dragged me into the room, struggling as they pulled me along forcefully. We all trying to make it all look authentic, in fact I had told the guys to actually treat me like this, I was the princess being taken to face her punishment and they my tormentors, so I wanted them to force me, be as rough as they needed to be and I informed them that I would try to resist as much as possible, so for them to be prepared to handle me the way that I wanted and deserved. 

Being dragged onto the stage, with parts of my costume moving in my struggles, my left breast was exposed as it fell out of the material covering it, much to the delight of the audience. Even Kate played up on it, this wasn’t part of the scene but made it much more enjoyable for everyone there, she reached over and ripped the top from me, exposing my breasts to the audience. My wrists were chained above my head, and I stood there, held as their prisoner as the High Priestess, Kate, read out my extensive list of crimes, and as each one was read out one of the priests would lash my body, causing me to scream and yell out.

Some of the audience seemed to be distressed at seeing me being treated like this, so I improvised my lines and asked for more punishment, winking at the guests, and wiggled my rear at the two priests behind me taunting them, and getting a laugh out of the guests, who were now much more relaxed at what they were seeing. Once the High Priestess had completed some of the highlights of the long list, which she said to the audience would have taken many moons to have read the full list of my crimes, the scroll that she was reading from dropped from her hands and continued to roll across the stage, showing the many, many crimes that I had committed, getting some laughter from the guests. 

She then told the audience that the only punishment that could be carried out for such heinous crimes was for the princess to be sentenced to be entombed for all of eternity. Which was music to my ears, but I had to react like I, the princess, did not want this to happen to me, but deep down I, as Denise, looked forward to what came next. 

My cries and pleas fell on the deaf ears of the priests, with Kate getting the crowd behind wanting to see the brazen hussy punished for her crimes, and I was then taken down from my chains and dragged towards the rear of the stage. This part of the show had to be done quickly, the bench set up beforehand to enable the change over to happen as quick as possible, while the High Priestess continued with her speech, encouraging the audience to cheer for the punishment, and that they wanted to see her being entombed. She then began invoking ancient spells and casting them over the bindings, and the tomb that would soon encase me, all made up I was told by her, but they sounded very real. 

Meanwhile, what was left of my clothing had been ripped off, and thrown over the shoulders of the priests who where processing the convicted maiden, they aimed the clothing to land near the audience and let them know that I was being stripped for their entertainment, not that they could see, such was the place that the bench was located. Kate would then pick them up, sniff them and make some derogatory comment about the princess being ‘turned on’ it seemed by what was happening to her, calling me a shameless wench, much to the amusement of the guests.

The next part was me being encased in bandages, wrapped up for all eternity, the tight wrappings revealing that I was still definitely female, and nevertheless able to entice with my wicked ways, which Kate acted up upon when I was finally presented to the audience. As we couldn’t spend all night actually wrapping me in bandages, the costume people had come up with a rubber sleep sack design, and covered the outside with cloth bandages, so all they had to do was place me face down on the bench, pull the costume from me the Velcro giving way as they ripped them from me, and then put me inside the bag, pull the sides up and close up the zipper in the rear. 

The rubber bag covered me from top to bottom and was very tight and restrictive, it had to be to show off my curves to the audience, which it did with some enhancements built-in, my naked breasts falling into place inside the bag, rings wrapped around them holding them in place, but they were made bigger with silicone implants fitted into the bag, again to play up to the audience. The only part that the guests could see of me was my eyes once the priests had finished ‘wrapping’ me, the rest of me now sealed away inside the rubber, cloth wrapped, bodybag. 

Once ready I was carried over to where the High Priestess was waiting next to the stone sarcophagus that the princess would be placed inside of as her punishment. Next to the stone tomb was another wooden casket standing there, made to look like the ones usually found in the pyramids, painted to resemble what they looked like, it was pretty accurate and looked very real. As the High Priestess continued her speech to the audience, my wriggling, still resisting but wrapped body was placed inside, my eyes letting the audience know that I did not want this to be my fate.

But the cruel High Priestess had her last moments, her hands running over the now wrapped and trapped Princess, stating that she regretted doing this to someone so fair, and that it was a shame to entrap her, but as she then told the audience that she wanted to take over the kingdom for her own, so had arranged to have the princess caught like she was. If only the princess had given into her own wicked Priestess charms, she would still have been free, she would tell the audience letting them know that she too had ‘used’ the princess herself in the past.

She then turned to her priests and told them to seal the tomb, the lid to the wooden casket was brought over and then placed on top of the casket with me inside of it. The casket had been angled up until now so that the guests could see that I was inside, laying it down on the floor and the lid was now secured with several nails banged in by the priests. I was trapped inside, wrapped inside my mummy bag, enjoying hearing what was going on outside, and building up a remarkably familiar sensation deep down inside of my tummy as they entombed me, the warm, fuzzy feeling always felt good fizzing down there, the moisture hidden behind the rubber encasement.

My wooden casket was then carried over to the stone sarcophagus, they would then place me inside, the lid sealed into the top, the sound of the heavy stone letting the guests know that I was trapped and would never be able to get free. With the High Priestess making her final enchantments, my stone tomb was lowered into a hole in the ground. Once in place several of the guests were recruited to help place the final heavy stone over the top burying me forever inside of my tomb. 

They had all witnessed me being placed inside the wooden casket, my wrapped body holding me firmly, and then being put inside the stone sarcophagus. I wondered if they knew that I was still inside of all this, in fact I had asked them to do this to me, the consultants who had been hired to plan this show had suggested to switch out the live model with a dummy, the wrapped dummy would then be placed in the wooden casket, but I had stated my desires to keep it real and with Kate knowing my fetish for encasement had always planned to have it this way. 

Once the final stone was in place the show ended, the guests were thanked for witnessing and helping punish the wicked, wanton Princess Unaka, who deserved her fate they were told. And as the guests were ushered out, some asked about the girl in the display and wondered when she would be freed, of course they were told that ‘the princess had deserved her fate’ and that she would remain sealed away. The guests, laughing at being told this, had no way of knowing that I would be spending the night like this, again at my own request to Kate, who was incredibly happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, I only managed to spend the one night locked away, the rest of the time we had a couple of shows a night, so as soon as the guests left the display I was brought out from my entombment and taken out from the rubber bag, once freed by the wandering hands of the actors, I would then walk out to the back area of our display still naked, much to the visual delight and enjoyment of the actors who were there in the display. 

With an hour between displays I didn’t have much time, but I did manage to ‘scratch my itch’ as it built up deep inside of me, being bound, wrapped, and encased had that effect on me, and the actors soon found that the princess was indeed extremely naughty as the High Priestess had told everyone, and they all enjoyed the added bonus of having a sexy girl spreading ‘oral delight’ among them. I bet that you get the meaning, and I think it encouraged them to ‘punish’ me more when they had me chained up for the next show, knowing how well it pushed my buttons.

With the final show now approaching I had expected to find myself released at the end to join the party that the castle owners had laid on for the staff, guides and actors involved, but that was not to be. Once I had been placed inside the rubber bag, Kate had super glued the zipper closed sealing me inside, and she took great delight in telling me that she had done so, and that I was stuck inside. My struggles were real, but the audience didn’t think it was anything other than an act, as I was placed inside the wooden casket for the final time.

The nails were changed to screws, each one tightened down with a battery drill with the High Priestess added to the comedy stating that they had to move with the times with entombing so many wicked princesses these days, getting a laugh from the audience. The wooden casket with me sealed inside was then carried over to the stone sarcophagus, a bucket of cement was brought out and the priests started to put it around the rim, the top then placed down, and the quick drying cement tidied up, but firmly now holding the lid in place.

Several audience members were then encouraged to come on stage to help carry the stone tomb over to its final resting place. The hole in the stage where the final stone tomb waited for me seemed to be deeper, not that the guests knew but Kate had arranged for the stone tomb to be buried lower in the grounds for the final show, without letting anyone else know of her change of plans. The guests then lowered the stone sarcophagus into the tomb, it was getting deeper into the dark hole almost a couple of feet below ground, they were then directed by the High Priestess to lower the stone lid down to seal the wickedness away forever.

With the lid now sealing the entombed and encased princess away to serve her punishment, the show ended, and the guests left, ushered again by the actors leaving me buried inside the stone tomb. Kate then spoke to me via a speaker inside of the tomb, letting me know that the final show had been a great success, thanking me for being such an excellent princess and that she was now going off to the party with the others, finally she said that she hoped that I enjoyed remaining where I was buried and that maybe one day, they would dig me up, maybe next year….

I wondered what she was talking about, then I heard what sounded like stuff falling on top of the outer stone tomb. I was being buried as she had she informed me, and I would be staying there for the foreseeable future. Her two helpers or co-conspirators continued until the ground was leveled and they were satisfied with their work. They all then left to attend the party and I was left buried in my tomb. Several of the actors had asked about me not being there, but had been told that I had “been so buried in my work, that I was tired and needed a good long rest, in peace.”

The construction guys came in early the next morning and took down the display, leaving behind the bare dirt patch where I had been buried the night before. The air hose that allowed me to breathe carefully hidden away from them, the pump pushing life giving air to the buried maiden. Kate watched as the workers finished up, clearing the site and thanked them as they left, putting in such a long work day to return things back to normal. They had even turfed over the bare spot in the ground, thinking they had damaged the grounds with their work, not realizing that an encased, entombed wicked princess lay buried beneath their feet… 


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