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Denise In A Tight Spot

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; MF/f; fpov; bond; public; display; pillory; spank; castle; rope; roleplay; costume; gag; scolds-bridle; susp; strip; flogger; enclosed; mast; cons; XX

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Part Three

After the success of the last display that we had in the castle with the haunted house, it had been really well received by the public, and so the castle’s owners had decided to focus on having more live entertainment and displays; they had even hired an events manager to run them, Hanna, and I had been placed under her to act as her assistant. Which basically meant that on top of my other duties around the castle, and my time serving as the castle maiden, I would also be helping her with organising various upcoming events.

Most of my time was still taken up with being the castle’s wench, getting captured and placed into the stocks by the tour guides with the help of the guests, their hands finding places that they shouldn’t in public, but I guess I should have expected it with my costume usually revealing certain aspects of my womanly charms, I think that it encouraged them to act that way, and really I played up to what they did to me. The tour guides didn’t seem to mind getting their hands on me either, and I began to suspect that they were in a competition to see just how far they could go with me.

One of the main attractions that Hanna had been working on was for the castle to run several special medieval banquet nights, so to start with every Friday and Saturday night the castle would lay on a feast and a show for the paying customers, with entertainment from the staff and some actors/musicians brought in from outside, some of which had been in the Halloween display. With Mark, one of the castle's owners being a chef, along with my own mother brought in to assist in the kitchen, it wasn’t a big step to get the food side of things ready.

The castle already had a long hall that had been used by the earliest owners many years past as the central entertaining and meeting place, the long tables and benches though were modern replicas of the originals. The room was basically already set up for having this type of activity, though the kitchens needed upgrading, and once that was done everything was in place for the first night. A stage had also been built at the top end of the hall for providing the entertainment, the musicians sat there, and a couple of props were added for the show, but more on that later.

With the kitchen in full flow, the first guests were making their way through the castle, the tour guides leading them and getting things going by playing to the medieval theme, a minstrel playing some guitar looking thing, a lute I think he called it, the rest of the staff getting the final things laid out for the guests to enjoy their night. Some of the staff were local girls brought in as waitresses, they were all dressed in tight fitting costumes, as was a couple of the male tour guides, who were happy to get the extra work during the quieter months when there weren't as many tours for them to manage.

Hanna and Kate had cooked up something between them for me to be included as a part of the evening’s entertainment. Kate had filled Hanna in on my previous adventures in the castle grounds and explained about my certain ‘inclinations’ and liking of bondage, enclosure, and my submissive nature. Hanna had seen me in a whole new light after Kate had told her about me, and I found either her or Kate taking advantage of me when I had been placed inside the stocks, either gagging me or sometimes spanking me, which surprised me the first time, but I found that I enjoyed it.

Even when not held in the stocks Hanna had found a way to find time to punish me in her office, she would summon me to see her, and then show me that somehow, I had messed up some paperwork, or hadn’t performed as well as I should have to entertain the guests. Whatever the excuse, she would have me bent over her desk where I would find my dress lifted up to expose my rear, and she would slap me several times with her hand or lately a paddle until she either had a red glow on my rear or thought that she had punished me enough. I must admit I did play up slightly to get myself punished by her, I liked the attention and the feel of her hands on me, I just wished that she had bound me first.

Of course, you may be wondering about the guy in my first adventure, well William had seen that I enjoyed the more extreme side of bondage, the whole wrapped up, encased and burial thing was just too much for him. I think that Kate had told him that I had wanted to remain buried for much longer than I had been and that I wanted more things like this to happen to me in the future. And while that is all true, yes, I had turned into more of a bondage submissive, I would also have liked to explore the more sensual side of things. But when I returned to the castle after my underground experience, I found that he had moved away and quit his job at the castle.

So my focus shifted, I was getting the attention from the tour guides, Hanna and Kate, fulfilling my submissive side and bondage needs, I seemed to move more into enjoying that side of things, and loved being chased around the castle by the guides and guests, my resistance was usually just mild, and I easily gave myself to them to be punished in the stocks. I decided that I wouldn’t, in future, want to spend my time with just one person; it didn’t seem worth it, I was having fun with everyone in the castle.

But getting back to the medieval banquets, the guests having entered the main dining room and had now been seated, it was time to start the festivities. The waitress’s started serving the guests drinks, the beers, wines, and mead offered to them from jugs carried by the serving girls, myself included but I was dressed in my usual provocative outfit, my breasts nicely held on display for the male guests to stare at and enjoy, especially as I bent over to serve them. The other waitress staff wore less revealing, but similar clothing to my own, so as to look the part of us as serving wenches.

Other staff brought out appetisers for the guests to start their meal, while the entertainers started their act, mostly setting the bawdry medieval scene up for the guests and playing music, while also playing the role of court jesters. With the first round of drinks being consumed it was time to refill the guests’ glasses and beer mugs, which the serving wenches quickly went around doing. Each of us waited on certain parts of the dining area, so we were responsible for keeping the guests’ drinks refilled, while also serving them their food.

Once the guests had warmed up to the start of the entertainment, the two main compares started to get the audience participating in parts of the show, awarding prizes for taking part and getting the guests joining in on their act. The main part of the feast was served to the guests, plate loads of food was brought out by all of the staff while the musicians played, it all felt like it could have been as if we had travelled back to the past, such was the atmosphere in the room.

Once the main meal had been served and the plates cleared, dessert followed along with more drinks, the serving wenches kept busy refilling the mugs of ale and glasses of wine. Then the main part of the evening’s entertainment began with the two compares, dressed as court jesters playing their role and started their act, with several jokes and them playing up again to the audience, it was all very light hearted and jovial.

It was then my turn to be part of the entertainment which was when I ‘accidentally’ dropped the tray that I was carrying, the glasses were props and I found out were made from theatrical glass which was made from sugar and corn syrup, it looked real but not as dangerous as real glass, and easier to clean up. Hanna had worked on films that had used similar glasses in her former role in production.

Of course, you can imagine the roar that went up from the guests as I dropped the tray, with the two compares leading the guests on in cheering, while myself and another wench cleared up the broken glass. I of course played up and went full on embarrassed by what had happened, my submissive side taking over I guess as I played my part. It was as I left the hall and headed to the serving area that the compère started talking about me, referring to me as ‘that serving wench.’

“You know I think that wench is different from the others,” one spoke.

“Yes, I think that you’re right there, she does seem to stand out from the others," the other compère added, making a gesture with his hands about my breasts and getting a laugh from the audience.

“You're right, but maybe there is something else about her,” the first one said.

“Like what?”

“Well, maybe she’s using her charms to cast a spell on the male guests.”

“You mean, she may be a…”

Just then I would come back out of the serving area carrying a couple of pewter jugs for the compares to drink from, as I came out, they stopped what they were saying, with one holding his finger to his lips in an exaggerated gesture for the audience to keep quiet about what they had been saying about me. It was all part of the show and staged for the guests to enjoy. As I left and headed out again, they began to talk to the audience.

“Well, ladies, do you think that she may be using her charms to entice the men?” one said to the audience, to which the cries from the women agreed with what he had said, and some of the men joined in, not wishing to displease their partners.

“We need to test her to see if she really is, you know…” The other one said, taking a large gulp from his jug, he then added, “Do you think that she’s cast her spell over this ale? It tastes somewhat peculiar.”

“That may be, check in the beer jug for a coin, it is said that they cast a spell on the coin and then place it in your ale to bewitch you.” he replied, and watched as the other compare tipped the glass to find a coin drop on the floor. With the look of mock horror on the faces of the compères, playing up to the act.

“Maybe our distinguished guests should check their ales as well,” one said, gazing around the room.

“The curse may already have been added to their jugs," the other replied, and gestured for the guests to check, when a ‘guest’ at the rear stood up and said that he’d found one. The ‘guest’ being one of the staff who had been waiting for this part of the act, getting in place just in time for this moment. The rest of the male guests downed their drinks to check on the jugs to see if they had been cursed as well.

“More ale is needed to wash the guests’ palates,” said one compère and called for the serving wenches to appear with more beer and wine.

As each of the serving wenches entered, all eyes were on which one came in, and while the other waitresses plied them with more drinks, the compères kept up the show and checked each of the wenches as they came out and into the dining area. When it was my turn, I entered carrying two jugs and started to walk over to my area to serve the guests, but of course the cry went up as I entered, first from the two compères, then quickly joined in by the audience.

“That’s the wench!”

Various cries from the audience joined in, calling me out. “She’s a wench!” Which had been pre-arranged by the two jesters with the audience. “She’s a wench!” Though some got it wrong and called me a witch, then several more started calling me the same, with the two compères now leading the chorus, I dropped the empty jugs that I was carrying and ran screaming for the door at the far end of the hall.

I was chased by two of the tour guides who were acting as servants, with cries of “Grab that witch!” and “don’t let her get away!” I made it to the door and was just out of view when the two guides ‘caught’ me. Waiting there was Hanna, who helped the guys mess up my outfit and hair, making it look like I had put up a struggle before they captured me. Hanna binding my wrists with coarse-looking rope, I was now ready for my return.

The door burst open, and I was dragged by the two guys screaming and cursing back down the entire length of the hall, all of the guests laughing at the show, cheering that the witch had been captured, with the two jesters still up front leading the merriment as I was returned to face my punishment. I was pulled along, my feet dragging on the ground until I reached the stage and was then thrown down to the floor, where I stayed for the next part of the show.

“Well done lads!” said one compère, “she’s a tricky one this wench.”

Cries of “She’s a wench!” came from the guests on cue.

Then the other compère added, “She may be a wench, but we need to see for ourselves if she’s indeed a witch.”

More cries from the audience. “She’s a witch!” with one shouting, “Burn the witch!”

“Aye, that may be but we need to prove her be cast from the devil’s brood," said one compère to the audience.

“Summon out the witch-finder," said the other.

Kate then came out dressed in her costume, all in black and looking very intimidating as she stood there. I cowered on the floor beneath her legs and cursed them all, and then Kate spoke. “Shut thy mouth witch, best gag her before she casts an evil spell on us.”

The two guides who had captured me, brought out a scold’s bridle, the one that I had worn before if you remember, and they quickly locked it in place.

“There be no more casting spells now, Witch!” Kate said, as she turned the knob to increase the size of the gag in my mouth until my mouth cheeks bulged. More cries came from the audience, “She’s a witch.”

“Witch-finder, we think that this wench has been using her charms to entice the guests," said one of the hosts to Kate, with more cries from the audience.

“Well, they certainly look charming!” said the other to the laughter of the crowd.

“Take no notice of him, Witchfinder, he drank of the poisoned ale," said the other.

“Aye, that it seems by his dim-witted mind.” Kate replied, more laughter. “But we need to test to see if she really is a witch.” More cries rang up.

“Roll out the barrel,” Kate ordered to two guides, who brought a large barrel out from near the stage.

While that was happening, Kate had the two compares grab hold of me and pull me up from the floor, “String the witch up!” Kate ordered, and my wrists were attached to a hook on a chain that had been lowered ready for this part of the show.

Kate walked up to where I was now standing on my toes, the chain hauled me up further until I could just touch the floor. She then grabbed the dress that I was wearing and ripped it from me, leaving me naked with just a pair of pantaloons hiding my more private female parts, though I was facing away from the audience so my breasts while now bare were hidden from them. The Velcro fastening easily gave way when she pulled the dress from me.

“Now witch, confess, and it’ll go easy on you!” Kate stated.

I mumbled something through the gag, which she interpreted to the guests that I was trying to curse her with another spell. She then grabbed the cat o’nine tails that she had on her belt and started to use it on my back, while saying, “I’ll have none of that from you, witch!” With more cries from the audience and encouragement from the compares, who egged the guests to count the strokes.

The whipping wasn’t real, it tickled more than anything, it was more for effect, but I still screamed each time that it hit me, and then cursed her more. After a few more strokes she put the whip back on her belt and turned to the audience, “The wench doesn’t seem to want to confess!”

Several cries from the audience went up calling me a wench, and some others called out ‘witch’, but one lone voice from the back called out to “drown the witch.” This was the ‘guest’ who had been ‘poisoned’ by drinking the ale, again the staff joining in with the cry.

Turning to the audience Kate said, “Seems like they all want to see the wench get wet!” Though I was already ‘wet’ from being bound, and whipped by her in front of the audience, but only Kate and I would know that.

Kate then had my ankles bound with more rope as I swung there from the hook, I was then raised up further by the rope binding my wrists and the open barrel was placed below my feet. I was then dropped down into the wooden barrel, aged to look like it had been well used. Of course, as I was lowered, I was swung around so that the guests got a good look at my breasts, while Kate commented to them, “See, the wench is still trying to use her charms on the guests.” Laughter and cries from the audience as I sunk deeper into the barrel.

Finally, I was fully inside of the barrel, Kate then ordered the two guides to fasten the top of the barrel, using a couple of wooden mallets to close the lid in place they made sure that the top was secured. All the while Kate continued her speech to the guests about testing to see if I was really a witch or not, explaining what the test involved. Once she had spoken her lines, she turned to her two helpers and told them, “Take her to the well!”

The ‘well’ was built into the corner of the stage that had been constructed for the show, the wooden top covering of the well had been lifted, leaving what the guests assumed was a real well that went deep into the castle, it looked like it belonged, the stonework matching the walls and again aged to look authentic. The barrel with me inside was then rolled over to the well, and propped on the edge of the wall, Kate then turned and spoke to the audience again.

“The wench is ready to be tested, should we cast her to her fate?” she asked.

More cries from the guests, with shouts of drown the witch coming from several members of the audience and some staff, who also joined in. Kate then walked over and kicked the barrel, causing it to fall down into the well. Of course, the guests couldn’t see the inside of the well, but there were several monitors around the room that they were directed to watch so that they could witness the witch getting her just punishment. The screen showed the barrel falling until it hit the water in the bottom, the sound of it hitting the surface and the screams from me as I fell down the well.

The two compares standing by the well began talking to each other, and once the barrel hit the water one said, “Well, that’s odd, I thought that she’d float!”

The other then replied, “So I guess that proves she wasn't a witch then,” shrugging his shoulders, and then said, “Oh well, we have plenty more serving wenches.”

On cue the rest of the waitresses came out with more drinks, while the lid of the well was closed and Kate departed, leaving the two hosts to get into the last part of the act. More music and jokes and then the show was over, the guests having thoroughly enjoyed their night out, all leaving in good spirits and saying how great the show had been, not even wondering about the fate of the serving wench that had been tied up and placed in a barrel, then dropped down the well to seemingly drown for their entertainment.

Of course, I didn’t drown, the well wasn’t real and it was really only just a short drop down under the stage, the well had two black metal bars fitted that directed the barrel when dropped down the well, to roll it under the stage and out of sight, should any of the guest look down in the well. The rest was just what the guests saw on the screen, there was no water, no long drop and I certainly couldn’t scream with the scold’s bridle gag fitted into my mouth.

Once the final guests had left the dining area, the waitress began the task of clearing away the mugs, glasses and plates left over from the banquet, but as the show had gone on for longer than expected and the wages bill would soon double if they stayed longer, the staff and waitresses were told that the final cleaning could be done the next day. They were all happy to get off home, it had been a good night for them as well and they all soon departed. Meanwhile Hanna and Kate had quietly padlocked the well cover, locking me in my new compartment, and they soon also left, turning off the lights as they locked up.

I was left encased inside the barrel, near naked, tied up hand and foot, sealed inside, and hidden away under the stage, forgotten about by everyone it seemed, much to my delight.

Luckily, Kate had bound my hands in front of me, so I spent the best part of the night working out some of the pent-up sexual longing that I found from being bound, naked and whipped in front of over a hundred people and had my inner submissive self loving every minute of it. And it was a very hot and sticky serving wench that they found when they finally released me the next morning….


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