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Denise In A Tight Spot

by Gromet

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Continues from

Part Four

Well, you find me back down in the castle dungeon in one of the cells, and currently I’m bound face down and semi-naked across the width of an old torture bench, though this time I’m not here for public viewing, I think that the guests have finally all left for the day, though I seem to have lost track of time at the moment. Nobody, other than Hanna and Kate know where I am, hidden out of sight of the general public; I had been bound here earlier in the day, at my request, for something that I’ll explain later. But you can guess that I was currently enjoying my present situation, my love of bondage and restriction should be well known to you all by now.

Let’s get back to how I’m bound before I tell you why I’m trussed up here, as I said, I’ve been tied to lay across an old torture bench, laying face down with my hips resting on the edge, and my feet down on the ground, with my legs pulled apart and bound with rope to the legs of the bench. Available to whoever passes by the cell that I’m currently held in, vulnerable to whatever whims and desires that could have for the bound maiden helplessly tied and locked away in the cell, a punishment for her crimes maybe, well that was my fantasy and fevered imagination working away while I waited.

As well as being tied, I’m also wearing some very kinky black leather boots that from the very high heels, which I can tell you are totally not meant to be walked in, they go up from my feet all the way up my shapely legs to the top of my thighs, covering every inch of my legs in leather. They are very tight and restrictive, and it took Hanna ages to tighten the laces up, ensuring a perfect fit. She knows how well they look as they are her own boots, lent to me for the night, as is the matching leather corset wrapped around my waist, pulling me in with its tight grasp.

I’m beginning to love wearing corsets, I like the way they feel as they grip me around my middle and pull me very tightly in, constricting me and my movements, it’s like an all-encompassing body hug encasing me around my waist, and from the first moment I had worn one as part of my costume here in the castle, I was hooked and went out and bought a couple for myself. This one I’m currently wearing is also from Hanna’s collection, as is the leather hood on my head and the armbinder, currently holding my arms behind me. I wonder how much more stuff that she has, the supply seems endless.

This is my very first time wearing an armbinder, and I can say that while it is quite uncomfortable, the pull on my shoulders as Hanna tightened the laces caused me some pain, but after adjusting and wearing it for a while I can say that I really love wearing it. The feeling that it gives me, the way that it constricts and holds my arms fully inside its very tight confines, my arms encased inside the leather, this is way better than just rope around my wrists, much firmer and it feels more like serious bondage to me, this was something that I had never experienced before now, sure I’ve been bound, many times now, but this feels different, hard to explain really, but something like I am beginning to love.

The hood covers my entire head and is tightly laced down the back, making it very restrictive and I found that after my initial fears as it covered my face, that I adore the way it feels on me. Not that I can see what I look like at the moment, as Hanna has added the blindfold part so that I cannot see, another request of mine. The leather and metal ring-gag in my mouth is making me drool, the liquid running down the outside of the hood and dropping to the floor below me, the gag is holding my mouth open and available for what is about to come, and I can’t shut my mouth or even call out, not that I want to.

One of the final parts of my bondage is the rope attached to the hood pulling my head back, and holding me in place, the rope continues down behind me across the armbinder so that it holds my arms in place against my back, and through the eyelet at the part where my hands meet at the bottom of the armbinder, it then travels on to the hook embedded deep within my rear, and had been made especially tight by Hanna to make sure that I couldn’t move, which I don’t wish to at this moment as I’m loving the way that she has me bound. This rope is attached to another that goes around my waist, adding further restriction to my movements.

The ultimate and conclusive part of my bondage setup was her surprise to me, before she added the rope to the leather collar around my neck to hold my head in place to the bench, she had added a couple of nipple clamps, and they were currently letting me know that they were still there, each one gripping my poor nipple tightly in the clamps teeth, the chain between them dragging on the bench below should I try to move, not that I had much movement bound like I was, and with me lying face down with my breasts squashed under me, the clamps also pressed into the soft tender flesh that surrounded each nipple, doubling the torment.

The reason I’m currently like this goes back to something that I mentioned earlier, when Kate announced a bonus for the most original and entertaining ideas that we, the staff, could come up with to engage with the guests, if you don’t recall it was originally a bonus offered to the guides for the most unique way that they could ‘entrap the maiden’, which was me in the stocks, as the game was called between the guides. She had later added that the offer was also open to all staff, and you can guess who won.

My idea, which everyone liked and enjoyed, staff and guests alike, was a set of adjustable stocks, one where the maiden’s feet were in one part and her head and hands in another, sounds like just a set of normal stocks doesn’t it. But these were adjustable so that you could either have the maiden standing with her feet in the lower stock and bent over with her head and hands in the top part, leaving her rear exposed. Or by turning the stock part around in the frame she could be sitting, her body available for what would come next.

That was the guest engagement part of my idea, with the help and encouragement of the guides, not that they needed much after seeing the maiden, me, place in the stocks, her dress ripped from her body like we had done before in the medieval banquets, the Velcro fastener giving way and leaving me in just a simple white linen undergarment or to be more authentic, what was called a chemise or smock I older days. I wore nothing underneath, so the guides had to be careful when putting me in the stocks not to reveal that part, or any part of me. Though ‘accidents’ happened.

The guests were then all given soft, wet sponges from a bucket by the guide and encouraged to pelt them at the wench in the stocks as part of her punishment. So, for those of you already ahead of me at this stage, yes, the white linen when wet went semi-transparent revealing that I was indeed naked under the now rapidly becoming sheer garment. And as I had been placed in the stocks either bent over leaving my rear available to the guests to throw their wet sponges at me or sat in them to leave my breasts and other parts ready for them to target. 

It didn’t take too many sponges for the game to catch on, and with the guides taking aim themselves to encourage the guests to direct their sponges at certain parts, it wasn’t too long before either my poor nipples showed through, or the cleft of my rear. And being wet linen, it also clung very close to my skin, so the guests could clearly see the outline of whatever part of my body that they were targeting. Though some of the guides did start to take things a bit too far and threw the empty bucket of water over me at the end, leaving me drenched.

They would then leave me in the stocks and carry on with their tour, and let me tell you the old castle was sometimes very chilly, especially for the drowned wench in the stocks, luckily not long after they left I was set free, though the temptation was there for Hanna to just gag me and leave me there, like she had done in the past, we had to get ready for the next tour and after helping to collect up the wet sponges for the next group, I rushed off to change and dry myself, and re-dress myself in fresh clothes.

Then one day I was called to the office to see Kate, thinking that I was in some sort of trouble again, well it seemed that way whenever Hanna called me to her office, and I’d end up being spanked by her, held over her desk with one hand while the other slapped my exposed rear, I had come to love and expect it from her. So, thinking that I was about to experience the same from Kate, I was prepared to accept whatever that she wanted to do with me. 

But I was pleasantly surprised when I entered her office and found Hanna standing there, she then told me that she and the guests had loved my idea and that I had won the bonus competition, but there was a snag, you see the prize that she was thinking of offering the winner wasn’t money, though there was a small bonus added, the main prize was going to be a night out with me. She told me that she felt guilty about scaring off William by telling him about my serious love of all thing’s bondage, so by setting me up with one of the other guides, she had hoped that I could find someone new.

After hearing from Kate about the prize, I thanked her and felt very pleased and honoured that I’d won, I was also happy to hear from her the reason that William had left after my time in the haunted tomb, I had started to feel that my desires to be bound and explore that side of things had been the reason why I couldn’t keep a guy like him around. But I guess it was just my submissive side punishing me in my own mind, allowing me to wallow in my own depths of feeling less than worthy of having someone like him around, and that I deserved whatever happened to me.

But then hearing about the snag with the prize, I came up with an idea, something that I knew that I could really enjoy while also fulfilling my own needs and desires. So, I sat down and spoke with both Kate and Hanna about my thoughts. I found a receptive audience as they listened to what I had to say, and they seemed to really like my idea. They agreed with my suggestions, they came up with some that I hadn’t thought of, and Hanna had said that she could help out with a few things, as she said, to spice it up and make it much more enjoyable for everyone. Which is why you currently find me bound, and trapped inside the dungeon cell, waiting for what is about to happen next.

Laying alone in the cell for most of the afternoon I had adjusted to being bound the way that I was, there was no part of my body that was uncomfortable, sure it was very tight and restrictive and felt wonderful, but as I warmed up it felt like that I belonged here, this was my place in the dungeon, trapped deep down in the basement cells of the castle, a wicked maiden who had corrupted the morals of the males above. Of course, when I did move there was those little moments of pain, especially from the clamps on my nipples, but overall, I began to enjoy even that, maybe I was becoming some sort of pain-slut, well I must be I figured to let Hanna have her time alone in her office while she spanked my rear. 

The dungeon had gone silent after the last tour group had left, so I knew that I didn’t have much longer to wait. And I finally started to hear voices outside of the cell door as they got closer and prepared myself for what I had wanted from Kate and Hanna, and my prize. Previously the guides, all five of them, had been called to Kate’s office, where they were told about me winning the contest. They had apparently all agreed that my idea was the best that anyone had come up with, and were happy with the result. 

They were even happier when they were told that I had wanted to share the prize with them all as they had all made it work. Then Kate had told them what the original prize was, a dinner and night out with Denise, all paid for by the castle owners of course, and at first, they were confused, as Hanna later told me. Then Kate told them that their prize waited for them down in the dungeons and asked them to follow her, which they did and as they approached the cell that I was currently bound inside of, she told them of what I wanted from them, and that this was my way of sharing the prize with them all.

When they walked in and saw the way that I was bound, and available to them they all cheered, which made me happy inside, I had been concerned that none of them would want to take up my offer. Well, one guy didn’t want to, he was happily married and he was the first to walk over to where I was bound, he thanked me for the prize that I was offering but told me that he couldn’t cheat on his wife, and with a slap on my rear in a friendly gesture he departed leaving the others to enjoy their evening. 

Kate and Hanna told the guys that they had three hours to make use of the bound wench; that she had been found guilty by the magistrate and that this was her punishment, to be ravished by the soldiers of the castle. They then left, also telling the guys to enjoy and that they would return later to untie the maiden, and not to remove any of the bindings, other than that they could do whatever they wanted. I had two holes available for them to use, the third which currently had the hook embedded deep inside was out of bounds. 

The sound of the cell door closing was the signal for them to start, which they quickly did, and soon one of them was balls-deep inside of my already self-lubricated and wanting pussy. Another semi-rigid member soon found the ring-gag that was holding my mouth available for their use. I’m not sure who it was, the blindfold that I had requested keeping them all anonymous, but I had been bedded by a couple of the guys before, so they felt familiar, and I guess they were less inclined not to start to use me bound and available for them like this. 

As soon as they finished, the others waiting their turn stepped up to the plate, and they too took advantage of the delicious morsel served up for their delight. Soon they seemed to be rotating around me, the taste of their recent spending and my own natural juices on my tongue as they used my held-open mouth to either clean or prepare them for the next onslaught of my abused pussy. I began to realise that I may be a little sore down there in the morning, but in a wonderful way, with lovely memories of tonight.

The three hours went by in a blur, there didn’t seem to be a moment when I wasn’t servicing one or both of the guys with my ready and waiting holes, gradually though I guess that they started to run out of steam, and I think that after the three hours were up they were pleased, though tired from their exertions, but overall it had been a great time for them as well. I had certainly enjoyed their attention, many, many times during the night, and I was a very happy bondage bunny left alone still bound as I was when they all left the cell.

The dungeon was quiet again, I lay there listening as the footsteps of the guys got further away and knew that I was now alone. The castle had long closed for the night, the guests had left, and it was only myself and the guys down in the dungeon that occupied the castle, other than the ghosts of old, their whispers heard if you concentrated long enough in the quiet parts of the castle. It was chilly down in the dungeon, and I was happy that one of the guys as they had departed had thrown an old blanket over my body to keep me warm, as I expected to spend the night down here.

Left alone for a while, I was lost in one of my dreams when I heard the sound of the cell door opening, the creaking of its ancient, rusted hinges letting me know that someone was here. There was no sound other than the slight foot falls of the person as they entered. I began to wonder who it may be, could it be Kate come do to check on me, we had agreed that I would stay bound like this for the night, I was in no discomfort, so didn’t need or desire to be free just yet, so I hoped that she wouldn’t be untying me.

But whoever it was didn’t make any other sound, then I felt something hard pressing up against the soft outer folds of my sex, they were still very well lubricated with my own juices and whatever the guys had shot up into me and hadn’t dribbled out down my legs and onto the floor. The firm probe then pushed slightly further into me, finding no resistance it pushed even deeper until it finally felt some form of resistance when it hit my cervix, causing me to wince out in pain at the intrusion.

The probe pulled back out of me, not all the way, and then thrust forwards again, this time thankfully not getting to the painful part, and a steady rhythm started with this thing pistoning in and out of me. Then I felt soft hands touch my rear, and then long fingernails started to dig in to my soft, round globes, the fingers moved and started to claw the nails across the flesh offered there, it let me know that whoever was taking advantage of me was definitely female, unless one of the guides dressed as a woman in his time off, the thought of which made me chuckle in my head. 

After the probe had brought me to my first, and then quickly after that second orgasm, I heard the grunting of the person attached to the probe that was deep within me, as they seemed to be experiencing their own climax, and they pressed their body against mine as their own pleasure seemed to overwhelm them. The air of the cell seemed thick with the scent of sexual pleasure, the warmth of the person still behind me as they lay down on top of me, the probe still embedded within me, still rigid and letting me its presence. But it all felt delightful, sensual in a way, whoever had been using me was welcome to continue if they wished.

Which is what they did, after recovering from their previous exertions, and again brought out a couple of wonderful orgasms before they finished themselves. The reaction as the probe eventually left me leaving me feeling very empty down below, I had wanted it to remain, I had enjoyed whoever had been taking advantage of me and knowing that they had enjoyed using me left my submissive side very satisfied.

I was shocked out of my sexual reverie when I felt the first slap on my rear, shortly followed by another on my other cheek. Then I heard the person walk from the room, and then close the ancient cell door behind them. I had been used by them and they had now left me still tightly bound to spend the rest of the night locked away in the dungeon, the turning of the key in the lock letting me know that they had finished using me. 

With all sound now gone, I was alone in the dark dungeon cell, bound to the torture bench, and I began wondering who the female was that had just been using my body for their and my own desires. It had to be Hanna or Kate, but I couldn’t be sure as there were other females on the staff, and maybe one of those had joined in on the prize that I had offered. 

All I did know was that I was now stuck down here and wouldn’t be free until the morning, and then drifted off into pleasant dreams of being tormented in the dungeon by the lord of the manor, who liked to take advantage of the fair maidens who worked under him…


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