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The Crate Part 4: Selfbound slave

by Edward Quadrio

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© Copyright 2009 - Edward Quadrio - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; sbf; leather; steel; oral; toys; cons; X

The Crate Part 4: Selfbound slave by Edward Quadrio M/f; D/s; sbf; leather; steel; oral; toys; cons; X

continued from part three

Part 4: Selfbound slave

"With the presents you have sent I think I finally realize what you're talking about. It is in that context that I wish to be yours".

"Sub you've made this conversation very simple. Wear the new jewelry as you please, I'll be home soon and we'll talk about the rest".

"Sir? When will you be home?"

" Very soon but if I told you it might lessen the anticipation."

"Yes sir"

Hanging up the phone she thought it would be hard to go back to sleep. But found that just his acceptance of her and a small amount of bondage it made easy.

She woke the next morning feeling as if she had been given a double shot of adrenaline. She had never felt so alive or invigorated. Maybe it was a good night sleep but she knew the real reason was today is the first day she wore the new wrist ID and ankle ID. The only thing she saw that might trouble her is she wanted to show them off to all of her friends. She decided that there would be too many questions.

All through the day at work people did comment on how well she looked and how happy she seemed. Smiling she just said thank you. During lunch her friend Robin sat next to her and said, "Okay Ms. Smiley what's with the new wrist and ankle bracelets?"

She paused for a mere second and then thought of how she felt about him and he felt about her then very calmly she said, "They are presents from Ed. Thinking it was so easy just knowing how he feels. I hope I can show him how much he means to me".

Robin said, "Mind if I take a closer look?"

Again Maryann did not hesitate, "Sure".

Looking at the wrist and turning it slowly she stops short when she saw the engraving. Looking up to Maryann, "You mean..."

Maryann cut her short. "Yes".

Robin taking her hand and asking her, "Is that why you have been bouncing around this office like a young schoolgirl lately?"

Maryann, "Yes".

"Does it feel that good?"

" No! Better". They smiled at each other.

Robin said, "You realize I have a million questions now".

Maryann said, "Yes" as she went on eating.

"I know of a couple of other friends who were into that scene but none of them ever walked around as you do".

Maryann who was just continuing to eat her lunch looked up and smiling said, "I know."

Robin said, "My only fear is how long will it last".

Putting down her fork Maryann stopped looking directly into her friend she said, "I want you to look into my eyes. Of all your friends how many of them truly looked this happy at any time during their relationships?"

Robin was dumbfounded and said, "You're right, I get the feeling this man is different".

Maryann smiled and said, "Trust me you have no idea how different". They both smiled.

For the rest of the day Maryann barely knew she was at work at all. By the end of the day she felt like she had a cop pushed more than she ever thought possible. Even though it was one of those long and difficult days she felt more energized by the end of it and she could have imagined. She cannot remember the last time she felt as proud as she did now. She remembered now and saying. A woman's self worth, sensuality, and pride come from within. Today nothing seemed impossible to her. She knew where that confidence came from. She felt like skipping to her car getting in and driving home, she could do nothing more than stare at the wrist ID. Thinking I need to find a way to tell him how much it all means and how much it has done for me. The only sadness was her longing for him. She never thought she could remain moist between her legs all day long until now. She absolutely longed for him.

Getting home there were still was no news from him no postcards nothing on the phone all she could do is wait. Bedtime approaching she realized she needed a bondage session of some sort. He had said he did not mind my self bondage. Again for a woman who sleeps in leather wrist and ankle cuffs, high heel shoes and a choker self bondage was simple. This time she decided to make it a little more difficult. Sitting across from her bed she put on her high heels. Next her ankle cuffs locking them together with a short chain. Next came the gag and the blindfold, she kept with the Bishop gag for she knew that's what he liked best. It made going to sleep wonderful to think and to know he was in charge. The blindfold caught off all light from her site.

Last leather wrist cuffs she had learned from him to be careful not to make things so tight as she would hurt herself so the wrist cuffs were tight but the lock allowed some movement between then. Next she grabbed the clasp that ran down from her choker and pulled her hands to a reverse prayer and slipped the hasp onto the lock. Happy with the way everything felt she knew she had to get down to the floor and almost crawl her way to bed. The movement of her hips on the floor was enough to send her over the edge. Whether she wanted to have an orgasm or not the roll of her hips on the floor left her panting. When she finally calmed down she'd made it to the bed only to realize that with her hands in this position she could not pull the covers over her. Her escape device would not let her unlock the cuffs until at least 5 a.m... She knew it would be a cool evening but to her surprise she fell asleep quickly.

* * * * *

Even though she was chilly the feeling of her bondage and thought of him let her fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.

She awoke with a start. She had fallen in a position where she could not cover herself. But now as she woke she felt warm and safe. She was covered, had somebody broken in? How! It was then she felt him. He must have come home found her and slipped into bed with her. He was lying behind her with his arms around her. She could think of nothing better. She felt his breathing slow and strong she knew he must be tired. Still bound complete in her heels and her arms in the reverse prayer. She knew she had gotten her self bondage right as she was not extremely sore. But she did not know if she could tolerate this position beyond her 5 a.m. escape. She did not know which raced faster her pussy or her heart. She decided to snuggle in and let him sleep if he wanted to. As she felt herself getting cozy she also felt the joy of sleeping with him.

When she awoke again it was to the feeling of him pushing on her. She woke a little and realized she was no longer bound. Her master was giving her a from the rear wake-up call. She moaned and he heard her. "Master?"

"Yes my slave".

"Welcome home".

Her excitement grew quickly as he began to thrust himself into her.

"Sir? I've waited so long please take your time".

He said, "If you come quickly will just have to do it again".

It didn't take long as she spent herself quickly and he pulled himself out, she turned around and said, "Sir it's been an eternity please do as you will".

He took her hands and pulled them around his neck and said, "I have for now".

She smiled a Cheshire cat smile. Sliding down between the covers she started to kiss him. Further down she started to give him a blow job. She quickly put her hands behind her back as if they were tied. Continuing the blow job Ed did not realize how horny he was. She took her time licking and kissing the shaft of his cock. He responded with heavy breathing and she continued until he came. As he exploded she did not remove the cock from her mouth. She sucked and swallowed all of it. When he finished she continued to lick him clean. When he was done and clean she came back up between the sheets with her hand's still behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and she placed her head into the nape of his neck. They quickly both fell back to sleep.

A week later he got home from work and found an urgent message from Maryann on his phone. "Sir please come over as soon as you can. I have a problem with my coworker Robin".

With a sense of urgency Ed went over to Maryann's house. He remembered the first time he met her and she was stuck in her self bondage. Wondering could this be more of the same. He had tried to be severe enough over the last couple weeks for her to be careful where and when she played her games. Letting himself in he called out for Maryann.

"In the den sir".

Rounding the corner from the kitchen saying, "Are you all right?"

The reply was, "I'm fine but I don't know what to do with her". He got to the door of the den and was surprised.

"Did you find her like this?"

"Yes and no".

"Explain to me in detail".

"Maryann was sitting on the sofa dressed as usual, satin blouse, leather skirt, stockings and her heels".

On the love seat was somebody Ed had not met yet. Looking at Maryann at very calmly said, "Would you like to introduce me?"

Maryann said, "Yes and no, Ed this is my coworker Robin, Robin this is my master ED".

Robin was sitting in the love seat in gorgeous bondage. He could see that she must be a tall girl for her legs were extremely long and muscular. Starting with her head she had a soft leather blindfold on with a cutout for her nose. The gag was a full Bishop gag pulled so tight as to make her cheeks bulge. The posture collar was not soft but stiff and at least 4 inches. A gunmetal blue longsleeved satin blouse. Her arms were pulled behind her and in an extreme reverse prayer. Four-inch slave cuffs held her hands up to a clasp on the posture collar. A leather strap hung on the ring of the collar. A tight leather skirt was held snugly to her waist by a four-inch leather belt. From a slit in the skirt and a wire and went to a pushbutton panel clipped to the belt. Seemed thigh high stockings encased her legs. Her legs were held together by four-inch slave cuffs on her ankles. Her shoes were 5 inch stilettos with 1 inch ankle straps.

"Maryann did you do this to her?"


"Explain further".

"I found her sitting on the back porch under a black velvet cape. I lead her in here. She had this envelope tucked into her blouse".

He picked up the note and read.

'Maryann I am ROP 41, we've been talking online for the last six months. You've told me about your new master and your relationship with him. I put myself into self bondage and am waiting for you to come home. All of the cuffs and leather devices are locked on; the keys are in your desk at work. From what you have told me your master will know what to do'.

"Maryann how much have you shared with her?"

"In truth Sir? She is my confidant. We have shared intimate details of each other's encounters".

"Well even if you wanted to let her free we can't get the keys till tomorrow morning".

Going over to her he gave her a quick inspection. "The keypad on her belt must go to the two dildos in her".

He pushed the button, she immediately moaned and begins to move her hips.



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