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The Crate Part 7: And then there were two...

by Edward Quadrio

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© Copyright 2009 - Edward Quadrio - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; collar; cuffs; cons; X

The Crate Part 7: And then there were two... by Edward Quadrio M/ff; D/s; cuffs; collar; cons; X

continued from part 6

Part 7: And then there were two...

Tuesday morning Maryann woke from a sweet sleep. She stretched on her bed feeling her leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and her heels. But this morning she also felt the beautiful steel choker she had gotten from Ed yesterday. Feeling safe secure, and a little horny, she got up and got dressed for work. For her, her attire was not unusual. Nice blouses and skirts were every day affair. Pantyhose for inch heels with straps. But today she was wearing the collar. Sitting in front of her mirror she still could not get over how good it looked on her. How wonderful she felt. Thinking she really didn't care what the people in the office thought. She was truly his.

Before she left she called Robin. Receiving no answer she was still concerned about her.

Getting to work she found flowers on her desk. She smiled. Quickly looking for the card she found out who they were from. She read the card. Smiling she placed it in her desk. Thinking he never seems to miss a chance to surprise me.

She was surprised to see that Robin had come in early. And was bringing her a cup of coffee. The coffee was surprise enough. But more of a surprise was the way she was dressed. Form fitting burgundy silk blouse, knee length leather skirt, seemed stockings, 4 inch heels with ankle straps. A 1 inch leather choker with a cameo.

She put Maryann's coffee on her desk and with a lovely smile said, "Morning miss".

Maryann looked at her up and down, and said, "This is not a dressing competition is it? "

Robin giggles and says, "No. But I did learn that I should free myself as you do. We've gotten close and I want to get closer to you. Everybody talks lovingly about the way you dress so I figured I would pick up a few pointers and maybe they could talk about me. Please do not feel threatened or in any way in competition. I figure me and you working together could run this place while we are turning heads".

They hugged and could feel the joy of each other's company. Maryann looking at her said, "We need to get started then."

Robin finished by saying, "We have a lot to talk about from the other night. And that is the most dazzling choker I have ever seen. No need to explain just tell me about it over lunch. I see you got flowers. From him? Why do I feel like that's a silly question?"

They both smiled.

Maryann was a little uneasy but decided she would wait till later. She had always wanted a close friend and this could be a great opportunity.

They had always worked well together and now it seen to be a new energy. Each going about the department business clicking on their heels as they move through the offices. Finally they had a chance to break for lunch. Taking a table in the back of the commissary where they could talk.

At lunch they were so busy they merely had time to discuss business. Robin could not stop staring at Maryann's choker. She said to her "I have to ask". Maryann replied go ahead. "Does it hurt or rub?"

"No not at all. It is far more comfortable than I thought it would be".Maryann smiled and said, "also remember who gave it to me! "

Robin finally realized how much staring she was doing and said, "I'm so sorry I just can't believe how truly stunning it looks on you."

Maryann replied, "thank you but it feels even better than that." They finished their lunch and went back to work agreeing to meet in a small bar after work.

Robin seemed nervous. Maryann sensed it. Telling her that since they had been friends online for so long she should just relax. And speak Robin got to the bar first was sitting and waiting at a table in the corner.

For the first time all day Robin felt like she could speak her mind. Maryann nodded.

Clearing her throat Robin told Maryann she has her story to tell her. It seems that the time when she was online with Maryann she had a master. She loved the way he treated her. Their lovemaking had been spectacular. He also loved her in heels. She figured it must be a guy thing. So when she was giving Maryann advice she was extremely happy. But it seemed his attitude towards her started to change. For the longest time she did not mind him using a riding crop, or cane on her. She thought it was just part of the lifestyle. Until one night he drank too much and was angry, maybe not at her but still angry. Using the cane he left what are now scars on her ass. So when she listened to how Ed treated her she couldn't believe it. So Monday night she decided to take a chance at Maryann's house.

Maryann sat with her mouth open. When Robin took a breath Maryann took her hands and said, "I've heard of it but I've never met anyone who lived it."

"He started to use me as a sexual object and his concerned for my feelings seemed to be waning. I quickly knew I was in a bad relationship and moved out."

"Did you have somewhere to go?"

Robin with a tear in her eye said, "No but I knew I couldn't stay there. So last week I moved into a small hotel."

Maryann saying, "I know what you make it the agency, can you afford to live there?"

"Not for long. But my safety is more important at this time. "

Maryann knew what she had to do. Picking up her cell phone and calling Ed. "Sir," waiting for him to reply, she walked across the room and explain the situation to him.

Ed telling her, and she is still with you? Yes. Don't let her leave I'll be there in a little bit.

She smiled and said thinking. Going back to Robin she took her hands and said "ED will be here in a little bit and he'll know what to do". They hugged.

He came in and found them at the back table. Putting his briefcase down he tenderly kissed Maryann. Robin could not but admire what they had. Then surprisingly he turned to Robin put his hands on her cheeks kissed and her hugged her.

He ordered himself a some wine. Opening his briefcase and getting out some papers he said, "I have a little secret I've been reading your e-mails for the last eight months. You were closer to each other than you are willing to admit. Neither one of you are willing to step up and admit the best thing right now is for you to live together."

Maryann and Robin went silent. Just sitting there staring at him.

"I know this sounds like legalese but you need to put down each other's expectations while living together. This will stop confusion in the future."

Maryann and Robin were staring at each other Robin spoke first, "how did you know even before we did?"

"Sometimes it is easier to see things from the outside. In your e-mails you are acting like sisters you just never stopped to notice. Besides Robin, Monday night you seemed at ease and very enthusiastic."

Robin replied, "yes Sir."

He also said that he could see the scars on her. "Is that one of the reasons why you left? And if there were others tell me."

"That was one of the reasons. But also my bondage became so tight as to the point of being cruel. I didn't feel any tenderness. Also some of the sessions become longer and longer I started to get afraid. The last straw was when he said he wanted to share me. I don't think I ever felt more used". By this time she was crying.

Maryann thinking she'd had always wanted a sister. Maryann went over and hugged her. Telling her that is all over now.

It only took a few minutes but it finally sunk in to the both of them. They were now smiling.

Maryann put her arm into his and whispered in his ear, "sir how do I thank you?"

"You do."

Robin sliding her chair next to him softly said "Sir and mistress may I join you."

Ed looked at Maryann she nodded and he said "yes".

- O -

Maryann got up on Friday morning and to her surprise the door bell rang. She had to find a bathrobe to hide herself to get to the door. Still clicking her heels on the floor she barely opened it.

It was a messenger service with an envelope for her. Robin stuck her head into the hallway and said, who could it be this early? Maryann said, "A message for me and obviously it's important."

They both went into the kitchen to get some coffee. Maryann sat down at the table and opened the message.

Maryann: when you finish work today rush home and Dress yourself for a shopping spree this evening. I want you to wear your stylish business suit. I'll pick you up at 7 p.m...

Your master.

Maryann just sat and giggled. Robin poured the coffee and stared at her. Robin asked, "Do you have any idea what he has in mind?"

Maryann just giggled and said, "Not the slightest."

Robin sat in front of her looking puzzled and said, "I don't understand can you explain this."

Maryann finally caught her breath. "Think of it this way I don't know where he's taken me. I don't know what he has in mind. I do know who he is and what he is. I know what he does to me. And because of that my expectations are of nothing but sheer joy."

Robin realized. For that full day at work Maryann's own imagination was let run wild.

Maryann just got up and started getting busy to get into the day. Robin still sat there in bewilderment. Maryann walked by and said, "Let's go girl. Things to do, places to go, people to see.

At work Maryann almost skipped through the entire morning. At times she seemed to just stare. But always came back in a timely fashion.

It seems Robin's mind had joined in. For she too had an extra bounce in her step today.

Finally a break for lunch and found themselves sitting at what was now their favorite table. Robin spoke first, "You know I thought you were a little off this morning. As you don't know what's in store for you. But I can see with him it doesn't matter and thinking that way he's even got me going. Does he drive your senses crazy like this often?"

Maryann looked up from her salad and still with that giggle, "You bet!" She looked over to Robin and said; "not knowing is part of the excitement trust is the freedom that lets you get excited."

Robin began to ponder he's even got me going but tonight he will be taking her out. Sheepishly looking to Maryann she said, "I'm staying home tonight can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure within reason."

"Can you put me into bondage?"

She said, "Of course."

They both smiled and went back to work. The afternoon seemed to fly by for the two of them. Surely it was because their minds were on other things besides work.

Mid-afternoon Maryann called Robin into her office. She said, "The note I got this morning had a message for you but I was not to give it to you until this afternoon." Maryann looked a bit puzzled Robin said, "here read it."

The last half of the note had said: 'inform Robin about two o'clock this afternoon that when I pick you up tonight, I'll be putting her into bondage.'

Robin could barely hold her excitement. She looked to Maryann and asked, "Is there any indication of what he's going to do?"

Maryann smiled and said, "No. Robin we need to finish up the day."

Robin got a went to the office door Maryann went back to her desk.

About an hour later Maryann looked up from what she was doing to see Robin's head sticking inside her office doorway. Maryann said, "Come in and sit down. Don't take too long we really are busy."

Robin looked at her and said, "My concentration is shot he's got my mind running 100 miles an hour. It's almost as if the anticipation will not let me quiet down. Do you know what he has planned for me?"


"Do you know why he waited to have you tell me this afternoon?"

"That's easy, you think could have put in a full day's work had he told you this morning?"

"Does he read people that well?"

Maryann softly said, "You can bet money on it. Now listen I'm not laughing at you it's just that I know what he's doing to you. Trust me and so does he."

Robin said, "The excitement is just about to drive me crazy."

"He knows that and he loves it but also he knows you have to finish today's work. Now we've only got about an hour left you need to get back to work and finish up the day."

Just about finished with her work Maryann got buzzed by her secretary. "Call for you some one by the name of Ed." Maryann picked up the phone and said, "Hello Sir." He replied call Robin into the office, close the door and put this on speakerphone. She smiled and said, "yes Sir."

With the two of them sitting at her desk he began. "Girls?" They both said "hi Sir."

" Sit with your legs together and your hands behind your back. Good. A small change for tonight. When you get home have a light supper. Then I want you to lay out what is on the instructions on your bed Robin. Lay them out on the coffee table. Maryann there is a set for you also. I'm running a little late but I expect to be there by about eight. See you then." Both of them grinning said "thank you master."

Robin looked at Maryann and said, "I thought he had me going but now does he really expect us to get any work done?"

Maryann smiling, "why do you think he called just before quitting time?"

Robin reached down and felt herself. "God! I'm wet all ready I don't think I'll make it."

"There is no making it with him as if it is a race. The freeing part of my submission to him is multiple orgasms. The more I come the more he enjoys it. He really likes the ones that are uncontrollable."

- O -

They got home and of course due to the detour it was later than normal. Robin said, "There's no way I'll be ready by the time he gets here."

Maryann thinking quickly said, "Shut up and jump into the shower with me." Robin smiled and they both headed towards the bathroom.

Ed got there about quarter to eight. He rang the bell but got no answer. Just as he got his key out the door opened and two smiling faces stood before him saying "Good evening Sir." He walked in hugging and kissing each one of them and they all went into the den. On the coffee table in front of them they had laid out what was on their checklists. Robin said, "Scotch Sir?" He sat down motioned for Maryann to sit next to him and said yes.

Robin had dressed as per his checklist. Nice 5 inch pumps with about a 1 inch platform seamed pantyhose under a black thong. A black satin corset held her upper body and ample breasts in place. Her hair was done in a tight ponytail. Not a hair was out of place. As she went to get his drink it bounced. He watched the great show she gave as she went to the kitchen and back.

"Now you Maryann let’s see how milady looks?"

Maryann got up and did a spin on her heels. Then walked across the room and back again. She had on a white blouse and a gray pinstriped business suit. The big difference was her slacks were unusually tight. The pair of 4 inch red heels he had sent her stuck out from the slacks. Also instead of a vest she wore a corset made of the same cloth as the suit. On her wrists were the matching red cuffs to the ankle cuffs. Of course she still had on the steel choker she got from him.

Robin came back with his drink she tried to kneel next to the couch. Ed said, "No sit with us." Robin got onto his left side sat down, the two girls seem to snuggle into him. They relaxed and Ed asked, "Did you girls do everything I ask you to today?"

To Maryann surprise Robin blushed a little as they both smiled and said "yes Sir."

"Girls I need to know about the instructions I gave you today. I don't need every detail for I trust you girls. But I do need to know if there were any problems, for I've got a lot of ideas for the future. But if there are any problems I need to change them."

Quickly Robin was turning red. Maryann said, "I might have had a small problem concentrating on driving".

Ed replied, "Do you think it was a major problem or just something to overcome?"

Maryann said "just something to overcome."

He now turned to the red-faced Robin and said, "You?"

Robin did not know how to start this conversation. Every time she thought she knew how to begin she thought it was coming out wrong. Finally Ed turned to her and said, "This is not the Inquisition there are no wrong words here." He put his arm over Maryann and said, "The respect I have for you girls is enormous and I would have expected Maryann to leave by now if I were anyway cruel to her." Robin just wiggled and snuggled deeper into him.

Robin looked up at him and said, "Sir my only fear is that may I have enjoyed today too much. By the time we were finished I could not think of any where else but you're and Maryann's company I wanted to be in. I can't think of anything that could've been better."

Maryann smiled, and a giggled.

Robin said, "I didn't think I said anything to be funny."

Ed said, "No you didn't but I think I could take it on as a challenge to be better at what I do".

Robin quickly sat up and said "Sir; I meant no offense I loved everything about today."

Ed said smiling, "Relax its good to have a challenge even if it is a self-made one. Did you girls get to eat? "

Maryann said, "no Sir. We were distracted on the interstate on our way home and missed our exit. By the time we went to the next exit got back on track and on home it was a lot later than what we had planned. We just had time to clean ourselves up for you."

Ed smiled and said, "Makes a man proud."

Robin said, "Please may I make us all some salads we have what we need here. We just didn't have the time. And besides I would love to serve you."

" Good the two of you get to work."

They both sprang from the couch and said, "Thank you Sir" and went to the kitchen.

He sat back pulled out his pipe thinking life is really good.

In the kitchen Robin quickly went to Maryann and in a whisper she said, "please tell me I didn't say anything wrong, I didn't mean anything wrong."

Maryann whispered back and said, "you need to relax all he ever wants is the truth. I think in the future he will be putting us into numerous situations."

All of a sudden they realized he was standing next to them and listening to the conversation. He gently took Maryann into his arms and put what could be described as one of those world-class kisses on her. It was long deep at luscious. Maryann almost felt like she was melting in his arms. Standing her up he said, "You get to work."

Turning to Robin he ever so gently put her face into his hands holding her softly he said, "I always need the truth from you. I intend to put Maryann and you into numerous situations where you realize the only one in control is me and your sexual desires. But to do that I need to know what is safe and what is not. I know where Maryann's limits are. I do not know yours yet. That will come in time and with your help and your honesty. Now relax there is no wrong or right." He gently kissed her face. Ever so tenderly and softly. She felt almost lightheaded. "Now get to work."

She replied "Oh yes Sir".

To their surprise he didn't leave the room. He sat down, and said, "What good is it for you to be dress like that if I can't enjoy the leg show."

It seems like almost instantly they both smiled, wiggled their hips and got to work.


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