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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Part Thirteen


For Emma it felt like it had been a frustrating few weeks since spending that time with Kirsty, another woman who, like her, devoted some time playing the role of a meatgirl and had found enjoyment in doing so. This was after Emma had been trussed up and provided as a meatgirl package to Kirsty as part of a plan to catch out one of the employees who had been taking money and keeping it for himself. It was during this time with Kirsty that Emma had found out that she missed having her old meatgirl body markings, her grading stamp and registration barcoding etc, which she had previous removed when she was due to give birth, thinking that she would be embarrassed, or that maybe the staff would judge her on her choices.

She had since spoken many times with Nick regarding getting her old markings back by going through the wholesale yard processing again, where she had gotten them originally in the first place, but Nick had flatly refused to allow her to do so, he seemed more concerned with her safety, but Emma didn’t see it that way. And when Nick then suggested that she get a local tattoo place to place the markings back on her body, Emma blew up and told him that she felt that he really didn’t understand her or her desires, and she told him that to her they wouldn’t feel real, that to her the markings would be fake. His suggestion didn’t go down too well, and for the first time they seemed to be on opposite sides of the argument.

But also, part of the tension between them was the fact that it was getting near to the time they would usually spend some vacation time with Nick’s parents in their lakeside home, Nick’s whole family would spend the next 10-14 days there. And while Emma got on well with Nick’s sister, Donna, who lived nearby to their own home and had even taken care of the baby while Emma did other things, like her time recently being kept as just a meatgirl in Andy’s shop and trying out the new packaging machine. But Emma had found from personal experience that Nick’s mother seemed to really dislike her and had even told her so.

She had told Emma, while they were alone and the boys were all out fishing, that she didn’t think that she was a good enough wife for her son, she had really hoped that Nick would have made a better choice than someone like her, and then spat out, ‘one that seemed to like being nothing more than a meatgirl’. The way that she said it to Emma let her know that she thought the whole idea disgusting and perverse. 

Then she told Emma, and this was the final nail that hurt Emma, was that she hoped that one day that she would find herself actually going the whole way, not just playing her silly, abnormal desires out in the shop, but truly ending her days roasting in someone’s oven as their dinner. Then she continued the insult with, ‘then my Nick could find someone much more suitable, not some freak like her’. The words struck Emma deeply, she had tried her best to be polite and nice to this woman, only for her to turn on her the moment that Nick wasn’t around.

From that day Emma had vowed to never again spend time with Nick’s mother, and the prospect of spending the next couple of weeks living under the same roof certainly didn’t appeal to her, in fact it depressed her to the point that she thought that maybe she should get herself roasted in someone’s oven, that sounded far better to her than two weeks with that nasty woman. She had told Nick what had happened when he returned from his fishing trip and they were alone in the bedroom later, but he had just brushed it off with a laugh, telling Emma that she didn’t really mean it, and told Emma that other girls that he had previously brought home in the past were in his mother’s eyes, ‘not good enough for her son’.

Nick had, at the time, tried to comfort Emma and told her that he didn’t want anyone else, and to ignore his mother, but those venomous words stuck in Emma’s mind, it was like a dagger through her heart, and the fact that Nick, who she thought would support her, had just brushed it off, which left a bitter taste in her mouth. Even after that event, every time they were alone his mother would let Emma know that she didn’t like her, that she thought Nick could have done much better, and even mentioned one of the girls that Nick had previously gone out with in high school, who she thought was really lovely and would have been much better suited for her son than the freak meatgirl that he had married.

When Nick brought up the subject, Emma had told Nick that there was no way on earth that she would ever spend time with his mother again, if he wanted to go and have his vacation with them, then he was welcome to go enjoy time with his family, but there was definitely no possible way for her to go and be treated like that ever again. They had argued over this, Nick tried insisting that they should go, even going as far as telling her that she was going. 

But the ongoing arguments only managed to draw out other deeper things between them that had long been suppressed, like the times she had been used and abused by several people when she was bound and on display as a meatgirl, and Nick brought up that Emma seemed to like being treated this way, which she did and told proudly Nick so, and then said, “You seem to like having me displayed for all the world to see. Enjoyed having me poked and prodded by customers, even abused while I was bound, naked and displayed.”

Nick knew that he would lose that argument, having encouraged her to be displayed, so he quickly changed the subject and then brought up that he had long suspected that she had slept with other people, possibly while she was being kept as a meatgirl in the other stores, though he offered no proof, just spat out the accusation, which he had never been brought up before. 

This really infuriated Emma, while this was true, Emma thought, she had hoped that Nick wouldn’t have found out, but he seemed to guess that she may have been used by others during her meatgirl experiences. But she denied that she had ever done that, and then told him that maybe it was just all in his imagination and that possibly he should take his own advice and ‘ignore’ those thoughts, and ‘brush’ them off, like he had told her about his mother’s comments. 

That night they slept in separate beds, angry at each other, his mothers’ words had created the rift in their relationship, and it seemed to Emma that his mother had finally won, but also the thought occurred to her that maybe she was right, Nick did deserve someone much better than her and her weird desires and fetishes. Emma spent the night crying, hugging the pillow that Nick normally used in their bed, only getting up to check on the baby every so often. 

By the morning, Emma knew that she was determined to get on with her own life, and not be dominated by that evil woman, and if Nick wanted to go spend the next two weeks there, she was fine with that but that he would be going without her, she had other plans for her time and needed to get some things arranged. There was no way on earth for her to enter that nasty woman’s home ever again, that was the line in the sand for Emma.

Nick had hoped that, with the air cleared between them, that Emma would see sense and join him on vacation, after all it was only two weeks. But when he walked into the kitchen that morning, he could see that Emma had been crying all night, her eyes were red, and his first thought was to try and comfort her, but he quickly found out that Emma was not about to allow him anywhere near her, she pushed him away from her and then left him alone in the kitchen to get his own breakfast. As he left for work, he could see Emma was busy on the telephone, and he wondered who she was calling, but he knew better to just leave her alone, hoping that she would have calmed down by this evening, thinking that time heals all wounds, one of his mother’s sayings he recalled.


When Nick arrived home from work that evening, he found the house empty and in darkness, there was no sign anywhere of Emma or the baby, panicking slightly he quickly searched the house, but then finding that all of her clothes were still here, Nick held on to some hope that Emma hadn’t left him. Walking back into the kitchen, the scene of their previous row, Nick then spotted a note on the table addressed to him. Reaching for it he opened it and with trepidation, read what Emma had written.

Dear Nick,

Sorry but there is no way that I’m going to spend the next two weeks alone with your mother, maybe she’s right and that you do deserve someone better than me and my weird desires.

So, I’ve dropped the baby over at your sister’s place, that way she can look after her during your vacation and the baby can spend time with your family, and without me there gives your mother more chances to spoil our daughter, and for your father to enjoy time with his grand-daughter, who he adores.

Please don’t look for me, I’m going to be away spending time thinking about my future and my own desires in life. Enjoy your vacation, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.


Nick finally put down the note, he had read it several times and wondered where she had gone, he called his sister Donna to see if she had any information about where Emma was, and other than the fact that Emma had dropped the baby over to her, and explained the situation about the vacation, she had no other idea where Emma may have gone to, Emma hadn’t told her. He had considered ringing Steve to see if he knew anything about Emma, but they had recently argued about the business amongst other things, and were not on good speaking terms at the moment, it seemed to Nick that he was falling out with many people at the moment, he thought.

Nick decided that there was nothing that he could do, Emma had made up her mind it seemed, and he hoped that she would eventually calm down and join them on vacation. The next morning, still with no word from Emma, he packed his bag and headed over to his sister’s place, then they all headed off to their parent’s home to spend the next two weeks catching up, fishing and enjoying each other’s company. Donna had asked Nick when he arrived if he had any more word from Emma, but she was told that he hadn’t, and on the drive over went into more details about why Emma and their mother didn’t seem to get along.

Donna, Nick’s sister, had known for some time about Emma’s desires to be kept as a meatgirl, she had seen her that day naked and tightly bound, trussed up and rotating inside what looked like an oven, this had been Donna’s first introduction to her brother’s new wife, and while she had thought it strange, bizarre even, she had accepted that this was a game that both her brother and Emma shared, even joining in later with Emma’s birthday feast when Emma was served up as the main dish. Donna had thought that Nick had found his true love, he always seemed very happy, and even if they did seem to play weird games between them, she loved them both the same. 

Donna had also been on the receiving end of her mother’s tongue, they had disagreed over many things, especially when she was growing up and back in high school, there was a rift developing between them. Her mother didn’t approve of her choices, especially when it came to dating, as Donna seemed to be much more interested in other girls, the boys just left her feeling cold and disinterested, her desires seemed to lay elsewhere, much to her mother’s disgust. So, she could understand Emma’s point, and if she could have avoided, what seemed to her, the compulsory attendance at the family vacation, she would have; she hoped that Emma would find what she was looking for.


Day 1

Meanwhile, Emma had indeed found what she wanted, she hoped that her own desires were about to come to fruition, as she stepped out of the taxi at the meatgirl wholesalers that Steve owned. The taxi driver began looking at her in another light when he realised where they were. Gone, it seemed, was the attractive woman who stepped into his vehicle, now standing there was a meatgirl waiting to be processed and consumed; he thought that she would taste nice, judging by the way her body looked. His thoughts of her on his plate were cut short when he heard the door close.

Leaving the woman standing outside the building, the driver headed off to his next customer, the last look in his rear vision mirror showed her walking towards the building that he knew processed women into meatgirls, he suddenly felt very hungry for some reason and reached for a snack, it wasn’t as delicious as the woman or meatgirl that he had just dropped off, but it would have to do. 

Emma had previously spoken on the phone with Steve and gave him some idea about her situation with Nick, but she didn’t outline her current desires for her to feel just like a meatgirl again, and that she felt lost and needed to get her markings back, that would come later she thought. They had arranged for her to meet him at the wholesale yard to talk some more on the matter, and maybe then he could help her, he had told her, which gave her hope.

Walking into the building brought back some pleasant memories for Emma, and even though she had been ultimately betrayed by Nicky when she had originally brought her here, naked, gagged and bound, she had found that she had still enjoyed the experience. But even though she lost her own hair permanently, it did have some bonus points she thought, like she didn’t need to shave her legs or elsewhere again, especially between them, always nice and smooth and no need for waxing. And that it was very easy for her to change the colour of her hair, and her look, just by switching the wigs that she now wore to cover her bald head.

The thought of what she was doing had gotten the butterflies in her tummy dancing as she opened the door to the facility, she felt nervous, but was determined to go on. Emma had expected to see several staff in the offices just like the last time that she was here, being paraded naked by Nicky, but the place now seemed empty, and Emma wondered if she had come to the right place. Just then a head popped out from a doorway, the woman smiled at seeing Emma, then welcomed her.

“Hi, you must be Emma?” she asked.

“Yes, am… am I in the right place?” Emma replied, still puzzled by the lack of staff.

“You’re here to see Steve, is that right?” the woman asked.

“Yes, Steve is expecting me. I hope.” Emma added.

“Of course, if you head up the stairs and the second door on the right, you’ll find Steve.” She told Emma, “Sorry, really busy with the copier, but please just head on up.”

Emma heard the sound of a machine whirring, and now happy that she was in the right place thanked the woman and headed towards the stairs, her tummy still tingling and seemingly spreading out to further locations in her body, especially down below, while her erect nipples rubbed hard against her dress. In her mind, she felt like a product, just another meatgirl, dismissed by the woman who seemed to have more important things to deal with than her. Her feet finding the first step, it felt like she was on her way to her final destination, and wondered if she would ever be coming back.

Her mind a blur of thoughts, her body on autopilot, and before she realised Emma found herself at the top of the stairs, now just the short corridor spread out before her with doors on either side, but all seemed quiet up her as well. Then she spotted Steve’s grinning face as he walked out of his office to greet her, all seemed well now in her mind, this was what she had wanted and asked for and Emma hoped that Steve would oblige her strange request. He walked up to Emma and gave her a welcoming hug, which Emma willingly returned, this made her feel much more at ease, and she knew from past experiences with Steve that he was willing to help her out where he could.

Guiding Emma into the office, his hand on her back, the warmth spreading with his touch, guiding her inside and then he asked her to sit down on the offered chair, and then sat himself next to her on a chair he pulled close to hers. Emma sat there quietly looking around, slightly embarrassed at being here, her mind split between wanting to stay, and also to run out and never come back. Steve was the first to break the spell between them.

“Great to see you again Emma.” He said, his charming smile disarming Emma as it always did, she had thought.

“Thanks, it’s good to see you too.” Emma blushed, her eyes taking in the vision of the man sitting next to her, a slight flush went through her body, especially when she recalled their previous times together.

“Would you like a drink?” Steve asked, taking in the lovely view that Emma presented to him.

“No, not just yet, thanks,” Emma responded, her face blushing when she caught him looking at her body. Quickly changing the subject, she asked, “Where are all the staff? I expected to see the office full like the last time I was here.”

“Oh, they’re now over at my new facility, this old one is now just kept as an overflow space if needed, until we get things right over there,” Steve answered. 

“But… Why meet me here then?” Emma inquired.

“I thought that you’d be much more comfortable here, and you obviously know where this place is.” Steve replied, “Plus, we won’t be interrupted by other staff.” He added with a suggestive look on his face, and smiled at Emma.

“Oh, yes I’m sure that you’re right.” Emma blushed, her face again turning red at the suggestion that she thought Steve was making to her.

“Sorry, what I mean is that you can have my full attention, and I don’t have to deal with others instead of just you. Apologies, it's been a hectic few weeks transitioning.” Steve told her.

“Oh, have I come at a bad time? Sorry I didn’t realise…” Emma started to stand up from the chair.

“No, it’s not, and I welcome the break that you give me, always a pleasant one if I must say.” Steve responded, again looking at Emma’s body. He had always admired the way that Emma looked, especially those times where she was gagged, bound, naked on display, and available, either to feast his eyes on or otherwise, he thought. 

His own recollections were interrupted when his secretary entered the office carrying a tray with cups of coffee, “Sorry, I thought that maybe you could both use a drink.” She said, slightly embarrassed by what she thought was going on in the office between the two. 

“Apologies for earlier, I was busy with that damn machine, I’m sure that it doesn’t like me, still I won’t have to put up with it much longer.” Laughing at her own comment, then turning to Steve said, “I’m heading off to the other office now, is there anything else you need me for?”

Steve and Emma, both thanked her for the coffee, Steve said that he would catch up later and that she could lock up the entrance door when she left. They watched as she walked out of the door and heard her walk back downstairs, the final sounds of her leaving the building letting them know that they were now alone. Sitting there drinking their coffee, the air between them seemed thick with questions. It seemed to Emma that Steve wanted to know more about what was going on, but was reluctant on his part to ask about the sudden change.

Steve was again the first to break the spell, “So, Emma, tell me what did you really want to see me about?”

Emma, shocked and her face blushed at what she was about to ask of him, “Urmm… well, I’m not…” she tried to gather her thoughts.

“You must have wanted something to contact me, I haven’t seen you in a few weeks, you mentioned a problem with Nick, so what’s going on?” he asked.

Emma then felt the final barrier between them break, and she felt the floodgates open, relieved that she had someone she could talk to. Emma let Steve know about what had been happening between her and Nick, the arguments, and the dreaded family vacation and the evil witch of a mother-in-law, even telling Steve what she had told her when they were alone, the fact that Nick didn’t seem willing to take her side over his mother, and by the time that she was finally finished talking, she felt a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders.

“Well, that’s quite some tale there Emma, I can see why you don’t want to spend time with Nick’s mum, she sounds rather nasty!” he laughed. “She’d taste bitter too I bet!”

“Yes, you could say that, and other words, but I don’t think it’s worth wasting my breath,” Emma joked, her mood now lifted, and she felt happier than she had in a while.

“I knew that Nick was going through some things, in fact we have also had a big row and we’ve not spoken for a week or so.” Steve then revealed.

“Oh, I didn’t know, Nick never told me about it.” Emma responded. “We’ve been too busy arguing ourselves, I guess.”

“Just so,” Steve said, “So Emma, with that out of the way, what can I do to make you be happy again?”

“Well, I was hoping, and I miss them so much, I never thought that I would, but I was hoping that you could help me get my original meatgirl markings back again.” Emma let out, then continued, “After spending that time with Kirsty, who you’ll recall was a ‘meatgirl’ just like me, and then seeing her own markings made me regret getting rid of mine. I just feel lost without them, they're a big part of me and who I am.”

“I know the story, how Nick used you to catch out that guy, which I thought was strange seeing just how protective he normally is with you, but I guess that you were safe, or I hope so,” Steve responded. 

“Well, I think Nick just wanted to indulge me in my desires, and at the same time use me as bait, which when you say it like that does seem odd,” Emma said in reply.

“But enough about Nick, for now I’d rather hear about you. But back to the reason you’re here today, so you wanted to get your markings back?”

“Yes, please, would it be possible?”

“Well, yes and no,” Steve told her, watching Emma’s face drop at the reply.

“Oh…” Emma said, disappointed with Steve’s answer.

“Let me explain, the first ‘no’ part is that we can’t do it here, as this place is now unstaffed. The second ‘no’ part is that your original meatgirl registration expired long ago, so we cannot use that again, for all the authorities know, you were sold off years ago and probably consumed by whoever bought you.” Steve told her.

Emma felt a shiver run through her at the mention of her being sold and eaten, she felt a slight flush of arousal at those thoughts. Her mind filled with visions of her body trussed up and served.

“And unfortunately, the rules state that we would need to register you again as a meatgirl, for you to be marked as one.” Steve interrupted Emma’s thoughts. 

“Well, I guess that’ll be okay, I mean I was registered before.” Emma replied.

“Yes, registered as Emma Vanders, so we can’t use your actual name again.” Steve told her.

“Could we use my married name?” Emma asked.

“Well possibly we could, but the problem is that the registration now lasts much longer than before.” Steve informed Emma.

“How much longer? I thought that the registration only lasted a year, which seemed like a long time to me for a meatgirl.” Emma queried Steve.

“Well, you’re right, normally a meatgirl only lasts anywhere up to two months after processing, so a year was way too long, but now it’s changed to five years and they’re maybe looking at something more permanent in the future, there are so many changes happening to the industry.” Steve informed Emma.

“Oh my! Five years, that seems way too long.” Emma responded, slightly shocked by Steve’s reply.

“Yes, so for the next five years you would remain on the official register as a meatgirl, so in the wrong hands, you could finally end up on someone’s dinner plate.” Steve laughed, knowing the thought of this turned Emma on, not that they wanted that to happen, but still it sparked Emma’s arousal at the thought of it.

“And the other problem is that if we use your married name, if they found out, not only does it present legal problems but it would also mean that Nick would be in trouble as well, not only for keeping you but getting you pregnant, you’d end up being put through the factory and who knows what would become of Nick.” Steve informed Emma. “Though he may deserve that fate.”

“And the baby!” Emma added, disappointed that her plans were coming apart, the smile now gone from her face at the news. 

“Indeed, but I’m sure that Nick’s sister would step in should anything happen to you, either that or Nick’s mother.” Steve teased Emma.

“That witch! Never, though Donna loves her, so that would be good. I would trust Donna.”

“Got you!” Steve laughed at Emma’s reaction.

“You did, you rotten man.” Emma snorted back, the tension again relieved between them.

“But you did say yes and no, as I recall.” Emma asked Steve. “So ‘no’ at this place, and ‘no’ to being registered under my name, so why yes?”

“Well, you know me, I usually find a way of doing things, sometimes under the radar and bending the rules slightly.” Steve told Emma with a big grin, “Particularly for my very special meatgirl.”

Emma blushed at the mention of her as his meatgirl, and felt her own arousal beginning to build again, after her hopes had been dashed beforehand, wiping out any wicked thoughts on her part. Emma remained quiet, her submissive side starting to take over, she sat there as she watched Steve take in her delightful curves, the roundness of her breasts, and the now erect nipples standing to attention under her summer dress revealed for all the world to see. Slightly embarrassed by her own body’s betrayal, Emma felt her face blushing even more at what was on display to Steve.

Letting Emma squirm slightly, Steve could see that the prospect of being a meatgirl again was doing things to her, he loved the way that her body reacted and thought that maybe he could turn this to his own advantage, but for now he thought she’d been teased enough.

“Yes, we can get your markings done, though as I said not here though, you’d have to go over to the new place.” Steve told Emma, letting that sink in.

“Okay.” Was all that Emma could muster, her mind still away in her naughty desires.

“And yes, we can register you officially as a meatgirl, if you still want to, but remember you will be on the records for the next five years, so you’d have to be careful.” Steve told her. “But there may be a way around that too.”

“Yes, I would like that, just so long as I don’t cause you any trouble.” Emma responded. “And how can we get around it?”

“Well, my idea is to register you under another name, so you’ll no longer be known as Emma as far as the records go, you will then be fully processed again and have the proper markings applied, like the other meatgirls. Though are you sure you want to go through that again? It may be easier to get them tattooed just like Nick suggested.” Steve told her.

“It’s not the same, they would be fake, just as I told Nick, who seems to think that my own thoughts, desires and opinions don’t count any longer. I think that he’d rather listen to his own mother’s thoughts than mine, so no stuff him and his stupid ideas, this is something that I really want, and if he doesn’t like it, I don’t care any more.” Emma firmly told Steve.

“Whoa, easy there, it was just a suggestion. And by the way I agree with you.” Steve replied, trying to keep on Emma’s good side.

“Good, then please go on with explaining your plan then.” Emma, having made her point, settled down to listen to Steve.

“I’ve got a couple of spare names that we could use, sometimes one to two of the meatgirls are sold off before being officially registered, there are those that like that under-the-table stuff, so you could be one of them, only for registration purposes of course. There’s no replacing the real Emma, now is there!” Steve told her. “Then you could go through the process of getting your markings back placed on your body again.” 

At the mention of ‘her body’ Emma again blushed and felt even more aroused, and she felt Steve’s eyes firmly fixed on parts of her anatomy usually reserved for her husband, though she recalled the time that Steve had taken advantage of her, back in the store and wondered if he would do again, and would she really mind that. Her thoughts were interrupted again when Steve spoke.

“But, I do have a request.” Steve told her, “Something that you’ll like I guess.”

“I’m listening, please go on.” Emma replied, her mind lost to thoughts of being used as a meatgirl by him.

“Well, it seems that Nick is going to be away for the next two weeks, and you obviously don’t want to join him after we mark and register you again.” Steve said, “So you’ll really need something to do for the next few weeks to keep you out of trouble, and off the dinner table.”

“Yes, well if I turned up with my new registration as a meatgirl, who knows what that woman would do to me.” Emma laughed. “So, what do you want from me?”

“Nothing that you haven’t done before, just be a display model in some of my stores, I guess that I’ll be taking over running them again, what with Nick resigning.” Steve revealed.

“He resigned?” Emma stuttered, “When?”

“Shortly before you got here, he told me on the phone, that if I allowed you to go through and get your registration markings back, that he would no longer work for the company. I think that he thought that blackmail was a good idea. Or that I wouldn’t help out someone who I respect and admire.” Steve said.

“But, you were friends.” Emma replied, her face blushed when she realised what he’d said.

“No, we were more just business partners in the end, and if he thought that my not helping you, after all you’ve done for me and gone through, would stop me with his threats, then he was very sadly mistaken.” Steve told Emma.

“Maybe he would change his mind if I…” Emma tried to say, that she would give up her ideas, but Steve stopped her.

“No, I’ve already accepted his resignation, it was not only that threat, but there were also other things that I won’t go into with you right now.” Steve said. “So, there’s no need for you to feel that you should give up on your desires, if that’s what you want?”

“Yes, I guess, it’s an overwhelming desire of mine, something that I guess that Nick doesn’t understand. And we seem to have been drifting apart lately, we don’t play like we used to, the spark seems no longer to be there.” Emma responded, her mind slightly conflicted, should she give in to her own desires, or should she go with Nick and forever regret giving up on herself, her old life gone and become the woman that Nick’s mother wanted for her son.

“I can see that there’s a lot going on, and that maybe you need time to think about what you want?” Steve asked, slightly disappointed that maybe Emma would now change her mind, he had wanted to see Emma on display again, and maybe something more.

“We can talk again another day, if you wish?” Steve added, still hoping that Emma would go through with her plans.

“No, I’m sure… well maybe…” Emma replied, her mind split in two.

“Look, I’ll leave the office for a bit, and let you think on what you want to do, if you decide not to continue then I’ll take you home, and that’ll be the end of the matter.” Steve said to Emma. “But if you want to remain, and be the meatgirl you really are, then let me know. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes.”

Leaving Emma alone in the office Steve didn’t know which way things would go, he hoped that Emma wanted to stay, but he could understand if she chose otherwise, he would just have to wait and see.


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