Packaged Links

  • Bodyhose - Supplier

    Bodyhose are simply a 6' multi-functional tube garment made from very soft, seamless micro-fiber nylon-spandex, similar to tights and pantyhose. It's a dress, it's a skirt, it's a cocoon, it's a blanket, it's a private space, it's whatever you want it to be.

  • Body Sheen - Fetish

    Pantyhose fetish, original and net pics of women encased in shiny tight pantyhose lycra and spandex.

  • Bound Stories - Stories

    Free story archive of bondage & bdsm themed topics, site contains BDSM stories, D/s stories, & links to other bondage stories & bdsm sites.

  • Buried Stories - Stories

    Stories of people in situations where they are buried or desire to be treated as such. They may be be bagged, entombed, casketed or and disposed of, caskets, coffins and enclosure.

  • ?Cast Your Enthusiasm - Fetish

    Cute Girls in plaster & fiberglass casts, rigid & teased; helpless and immobile, enjoy the casting and mummification with some help from Christina tickling and tormenting them with sextoys, the more rigid they are the more fun we can have. From the same makers of ConversationPiece & QualityControl

  • ?Charlotte Fetish - Bond/BDSM

    Gorgeous Charlotte & other women tied up, strapped tight, covered in latex, locked in cages, encased & long term storage, cocooned plus much more. Unique content, one of a kind bondage gear, all of our content based on my personal experiences. What's Your Fetish?

  • Conversation Piece - Bond/BDSM

    How can you top young hot girls in tight, inescapable bondage? Pantyhose of course! Like it's big brother Quality Control, you can expect imaginative bondage in a light and fun atmosphere, fine hosery & beautiful pantyhose bondage.

  • Crazy Spandex Girls - Fetish

    Breathtaking babes in tight and shiny spandexwear. This is the very first site where you can see these hot beauties living their fetish. Just enjoy the sexy girls teasing and playing with the camera! Don't miss this unique site!

  • ?Decorative Girls - Bond/BDSM

    Beautiful girls in bondage, used as human furniture and home decorations, dehumanized for your viewing pleasure! See girls find their useful purpose as coffee tables, plant stands, footstools, chairs etc for their owners!

  • Device Bondage - Bond/BDSM

    The domination of sluts in barbaric metal devices, restrained and made to submit. Bondage, BDSM & Corporal punishment and featuring the Sybian machine sex and other wonderful climax inducing toys. There is nothing greater than orgasm by torment!

  • Dollstories - Stories

    A growing collection of doll transformation stories by various writers. Free story site where people are transformed into dolls, lovedolls, rubberdolls and objectification

  • Female Escape Artist - Bond/BDSM

    It's All About The Struggle! To me it isn't the idea that she could escape but the incredible way her breasts thrust forward and the way her hips moved as she worked the ropes, and the audience ... while making her escape. I was hooked on the struggle ...

  • Winter Fetish - Supplier

    Our philosophy is that you deserve top quality and a superior fit. All of our products are made from the finest materials available and manufactured in the USA. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our great customer service. We have fetish wear, darlex, latex, spandex, encasement, zentai, mens fetishwear, bondagewear, hoods, armbinders. Makers of the fetish wear seen on House of Gord

  • FlexiFetishGirls - Fetish/spandex

    Get the most beautiful flexible women in the net and watch them bending their sexy bodies in the wildest and craziest positions!

  • Forniphilia - fetish

    The act of turning a woman into nothing more than a piece of functional furniture is the ultimate goal for many bondage enthusiast. Often completely immobile the woman finds that she is at least useful to her owner, perhaps performing the role of a table, chair or even hatstand.

  • Freaks Inside - Latex/fetish

    BEWARE - FREAKS inside! freaky girls with gasmask fetish, bizarre rubber, bondage, transformation and other freaky stuff.. Beautiful Girls in tight latex, bondage, and bizarre outfits.

  • Fucking Machines - Fetish

    Beautiful women get screwed at speeds up to 350 RPM. Machines fucking squirting pussies with extreme insertion. You will never see another site like this one! All original photos and videos on custom made mechanical fucking machines. Also features sybian sex.

  • Hardtied - Bond/BDSM

    HardTied brings erotic bdsm games, female submission, punishment, cock sucking, kinky sex, wood, rope, and leather restraint systems to beautiful amateur girls never before seen on camera and kinky hardcore porn stars who love bdsm tied down tight. PD (insex) and his guests bind beautiful women in inescapable rope bondage

  • House of Gord - Bond/BDSM

    Prepare yourself for the ultimate in restraint, trussing, cocooning, human furniture, packaged girls and suspension presented at the House of Gord ultra bondage experience

  • Inescapable Bondage - Bond/BDSM

    A device bondage website that differs from the rest in that it focuses more on the fetish aspect of device bondage rather than on BDSM. Female submissives, forced orgasm, strap-on, latex, fucking machines, women dominating women, men dominating women, and lesbian action.

  • Infernal Restraints - Bond/BDSM

    Inspired by the Inquisition, modern medical and institutional devices, and the drawings of Gord and Pichard, PD "ingenious gizmologist" re-creates and explores the full range of terrifying instruments used to overwhelm female flesh, destroying the will. Conceived and produced by true lovers of BDSM rather than financiers, Infernal Restraints produces content in real locations. All devices are one-of-a-kind creations, extravagant in construction and design, handmade by dedicated artists and craftsmen.

  • JG Leathers - Bond/BDSM

    Artist, author and builder for those in the kink community,

  • Kink Unlimited - Bond/BDSM

    All Access - One Low Price - 30 sites, over 10,000 shoots and muliple weekly updates - access to the entire Kink Library at one low price.

  • Kink Engineering - Supplier
    Sponsors of the 2010 Kink Enginnering Vacbed Story Contest

    Based in Toronto, Canada, Kink Engineering is the brainchild of some rather kinky people who also happen to be trained engineers. With experience in mechanical design, drafting, manufacturing, welding, machining, and especially a bent towards latex fetish, Kink Engineering is focused on making kinky ideas into kinky reality!

  • La Page de Gwendoline - Selfbondage

    Gwendoline is a French cross-dresser into bondage & selfbondage, many galleries of her and her friends. Includes a scene where she's bound in a box.

  • Latex Stories - Stories

    Free collection of Latex Stories, hundreds of stories, free galleries and latex links.

  • LikeRa Selfbondage Lycra & Latex - Latex/Selfbondage

    LikeRa's naughty playground. Here I'm playing with PHP, HTML, webdesign, webhosting, latex, lycra, self-bondage, pantyhose, swimsuits, zentai, photocameras, digital imaging software, ropes, knots and related things.

  • - Supplier/Bond/BDSM

    Escape artist and encasement fetish. Manufacturer of Straitjackets, latex, canvas & denim bodybags, restraints latex hoods since 1985. Online catalogue.

  • Mick& Dee Luvbight - Bond/BDSM

    Mick & Dee are a delightful couple who love BDSM. The site contains many, many pictures of Dee receiving spankings, flogging, caning and single-tail whipping, and especially forced orgasms from sexual vibrators and fucking machines. Dee is also subject to pony girl training, blow job training, female submission and public exhibitionism, rope bondage, chain bondage, steel cages, in suspension bondage and locked in her steel chastity belt.

  • - Fetish

    If you like Asians (yeah) and if you like them in mud, or better yet, sinking in a peat bog (hell yeah!) then you'll like the site.

  • Mummified - Stories

    Mummification story free archive, with galleries, techniques and links.

  • ?Quality-ControlCC - Bond/BDSM

    Beautiful young women in real, artistic bondage, images of females tied up, chained, mummified, boxed, teased and always original. Quality photography and video. Fetishwear, vetwrap, clingfilm and more.

  • PD's The Tight Package - Fetish

    Here at the Tight Package you will find varying representations where the Erotic comes face to face with Fetish to create something unique and tasteful. You'll be treated to a plethora of beauties served to you just waiting for you to take a bite!

  • Real Time Bondage - Bond/BDSM

    Original streaming HD Bondage live show - The monthly updates are unscripted. All of the action is live, intense and completely real. There are no camera tricks. The membership is calling the shots, just like the days of Insex. Her every orgasm is voted upon, all of her choices are in the hands of strangers and her dignity is completely cast aside. Every depraved act is caught in 100% HD and streamed out live over high speed internet.

  • Selfbound - Stories

    Free selfbondage story archive and gallery, with links, techniques. Part of Gromet's Plaza.

  • Serious Bondage - Bond/BDSM

    Huge site containing many, many bondage, encasement and other techniques, stories, articles, images and product reviews. Be prepared for a long stay in this well presented website.

  • Serious Images - Bond/BDSM

    SeriousImages is a web site which focuses on unique bondage gear, scenarios, and real people who enjoy playing with bondage as an erotic fetish activity or lifestyle. It contains both photos and videos of unique bondage gear, equipment built specifically for immobilizing a person or persons, and associated play scenarios. The site is updated every 10 days.

  • Serious Male Bondage - Gay/bond

    Dedicated to men who enjoy the experience of bondage. Whether the scenario is being bound by another man, or being the one who ties up another man, the experience of playing with bondage is both fun and exciting for everyone involved.

  • Shackled Maidens - Bond/BDSM

    Classic High Resolution photography of Mathew Brown featuring shackled maidens in latex and custom made restraints. Beautiful girls shackled in heavy restraints. We manufacture restraints and devices for our own use and put them on some of the prettiest girls from around the UK. At present the Shackled Maidens restraint collection stands at over 270 items the oldest dating back to the early 15th century

  • Shokolada's Mess! - fetish

    Messy and Trashbagging stories. Two great kinks that go great together!

  • Spandex Stories - Stories

    Stories of people bound in spandex; tight and shiny shiny spandex full-body encasement with bondage, domnination, fantasy, fetish role play. Free galleries.

  • Strict Restraint - Bond/BDSM

    Female Slaves restrained in hard devices. Strict Restraint features stocks, shackles, chains and straps along with intense BDSM scenes and sadistic doms

  • TopGrl - Femdom

    From the same minds behind have diversified into another world of intense, hardcore bondage. combines the intensity and creativity of Insex with the cold, calculated cruelty that only a woman can bring. Topgrl explores the level of Girl on girl BDSM that others won't go to.

  • The Training of O - Bond/BDSM

    Slaves are trained and rewarded with hardcore bondage and sex. Slaves are trained for a full week deep in the confines of Kink's castle, having been trained to take pain, please cock, or anything else their master desired. Cages & head boxes.

  • Trashbagging Livejournal - Journal

    Online community for lovers of Trashbagging. A little spot for folks who think that trash bags make great bedding, clothing, or temporary storage places for their partners or themselves

  • Trashcan Stories - Stories

    Stories of people bagged, bound, trashed, dumped and generally treated like garbage, thrown away, canned and placed in dumpsters.

  • Wabi-Sabi Moe (Bondage in Costumes)

    Japanese damsels in distress site. Costumed girls are bound and gagged. The site contains bagged bondage, self-bondage and more fetish play.

  • Water Bondage - Bond/BDSM

    Helpless bound beauties get sprayed, washed, dunked, tormented and boned until they cum hard & wet. Water breath play, water orgasms and underwater bondage leave the sexy subs wet and wanting more. Smoking hot girls tied up, soaked with water and made to cum.

  • Advert ZlataZlata de - Fetish

    Goddess of flexibility, fascinating how she manages to bend into those positions and gets inside suitcases.